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The Evolution of Weight Watchers Points

The first time I joined Weight Watchers was after my daughter was born in 2003. I write a little about my times at WW HERE.

Recently, we moved homes, and I’ve been slowly working my way through boxes and bags of stuff. Yesterday I cam across this little gem.


Just for kicks, I decided to compare a few items to see how different the points values would be between this sliding scale and the calculator on the Weight Watchers Site. (This slider is dated 9/04 on the back.)

My breakfast today was Multigrain Cheerios.

By the slider, it was 2 points. The milk was 1 point. The fruit was 0.

By today’s Weight Watchers calculator, the cereal was 4 points. The milk was 2. The fruit was 0.

So, my meal was 3 points by 2004’s scale and 6 points by 2016’s scale. That’s twice as many points!!

I started to get a little down and lament the fact that all the points are higher now, until I did some more research. Right now, I get 30 points per day (plus any I can earn during exercise or “extra points” given during the week). Then, I dug deeper. I seem to remember not having that many points available. I’m pretty sure 22 points is what I had (plus exercise and “weekly points”) back then.

I’m inclined to believe that the current Smartpoints program is more comprehensive. It takes into account calories, fiber, fat, carbs, protein and sugar. The old program was calories, fiber, and fat only.

The one thing you need in ANY weight loss program is accountability. Lately, I’ve had zero. Between eating my feelings about work and the election and Halloween candy and birthday cake for me and for my daughter, I’ve been pretty lazy. And I’ve gained FIVE pounds in a month. Five. It may not sound like much, but when it makes all your pants feel too tight, then it’s more than enough.

And of course, two days before Thanksgiving isn’t the BEST time to try to eat better. However, it’s better than never starting.

So here I go. Again. Wish me luck.


Two Steps Forward

Yesterday two things happened that will hopefully help me on my way to better health and maybe even, eventually, a better outlook and a better life.

1. I joined Weight Watchers (again).

2. I got my essential oils in the mail.

I’ve joined and re-joined Weight Watchers in the past. I’ve done Sparkpeople. I’ve gone to the gym, walked the neighborhood, tried jogging, did workout videos, and even tried a supplement program for a month. Sometimes I’ve been successful. Sometimes, I haven’t been. This time, I have to change the way I look at food, the way I look at exercise, the way I deal with stress, and how I stay healthy in the midst of all of life’s stresses and curve balls. As I’ve posted before, I need to get my own health in order before I can be super-effective in everything else I do.

So, yesterday I went down to the local WW meeting and bit the bullet. I FEEL different this time. I feel like I’m more serious this time. Let’s hope it sticks!!


The essential oils… A few weeks ago, I saw a friend of mine posted a photo of oils and said they were helping with her thyroid issues. We chatted for a bit and she gave me some great information. I wasn’t ready to spend a big chunk of money on oils, so I went to our local Whole Foods and bought what they had. I don’t know that I noticed a big difference, but after awhile, my neck got a rash. Probably because they weren’t pure.

Last week, I was invited by another friend to find out more information about oils. I ended up diving in and buying a starter kit with several oils and a diffuser. As someone who not only has thyroid issues but also allergies, headaches, and works in an environment full of germy  kids, I figured this might be a good option for me (us).



I currently have the diffuser going with something called “Thieves” in it, because my nose is feeling yucky.

IMG_0555So, here’s to health! I really can’t wait to start feeling better, and taking charge of my own health. I’ve seen so many doctors and still have headaches. I really hope this can help in some way. I can’t keep taking pain meds every day.




**How do you take care of yourself? I’d love to hear!