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What Makes a Successful Halloween?

So, what makes a successful Halloween, anyway? How do you know if your Halloween was a good one?

I suppose the opinion is in the eye of the beholder (or trick-or-treater). Is it all about the candy? Is the measure of a good Halloween how much haul you come home with?

Or is it how many people recognized your costume?

Is it because you have the coolest Halloween decorations?

Or is it measured by how many trick-or-treaters you have?

Well, for us, it’s how much fun we had and how tired we are at the end of the day.

Yesterday morning started early, with everyone getting up and dressed and makeup done.

My attempt at The Corpse Bride and Little Red Riding Hood

Parties at school

After school, wigs came off.

Wig’s off – carrying her long dress so she can move unencumbered.

In the afternoon, a friend graciously offered to do my daughter’s makeup. Not only did she do her face, but her neck and arms, too.

Once we were dressed and Daddy was home, we went up to trick-or-treat.

Ready for TOT- Tony Stark, Red, and Emily. (Notice Red’s wolf glove.)

Wayne HAS to wear that Jedi robe every year.

There were HUNDREDS of people where we went trick-or-treating last night. ALL night, Gracie (my Corpse Bride) got comments. Everyone loved her costume, even if they didn’t know who she was (although several people did recognize her).

It was almost as fun to look at the decorations and other costumes as it was to get candy… Almost.

My husband picked up some takeout so we didn’t have to cook. We didn’t eat until 8pm, and still had some trick-or treaters. The kids did a GREAT job handing out candy. G took off her costume, but stayed in makeup. Even the trick-or-treaters loved her makeup.

She didn’t want to take her makeup off. She loved it!!

After dinner, our littlest trick-or-treater was done.

Dressing up? Check!

Make up and accessories? Check!

Class parties? Check!

Trick-or-Treating? Check!

Take out dinner for parents too tired to cook? Check!

Tuckered out family? Check!

And candy, too? Check!

I’d say that’s a good measure of a GREAT Halloween!!

2 Weeks of Pictures

This house looks...



Put on your tap shoes, come on get happy

All tapped out

Someone's about to pick out her birthday present!

Happy girl.

First fire of the season, means only one thing...


Birthday girl with birthday cupcake

My big fundraising project has come to an end. Whew!

Hiking in a local canyon on Veteran's Day

It was a beautiful morning

At the end of the hike, my Brownie got a treat on the tree swing.


It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Here’s to hoping the next few weeks are a little less so.