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Halloween, You’ve Snuck Up On Me!!

Oh, dear! I can’t believe it’s already time for Halloween! Just 8 more days til Tricks and Treats! Usually I’m so on the ball far ahead of time, but I find that this year, the holiday has just snuck up on me!

I don’t know if it’s because I’m otherwise distracted, between the book, the election, and our home improvement project. Or maybe it’s because as my kids get older, they get more indecisive. Whatever the case, I find myself scrambling for costumes and costume ideas with only days to spare!

Last year, we were planning things far in advance. I was blogging about Halloween in August.

Now, to be fair, I’m not COMPLETELY behind. My littlest girl decided the minute she saw me knitting up one of my designs that she HAD to be Little Red Riding Hood.

So, Here’s the hood I knit.

She’ll be wearing it with this skirt, I found on etsy. Isn’t it the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen?

My middle child has changed her mind a few times. First she wanted to be a “Frankenstein girl” and I was all ready to knit her up a choker with bolts on the side, but we had no other items for the actual costume.

Then we saw “Corpse Bride” the other night and she wants to be her.

Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride”

There are a few actual costumes that we can buy, but I’m not that crazy about them, so I’m off today in search of something resembling a wedding dress that I can hack into and dye. Plus, I need to find make-up. Bluish lavender makeup, like this, from :

I’m no makeup artist, but hopefully I can figure out how to do that.

Now, my son… my middle schooler who really doesn’t like dressing up all that much… I had a BRILLIANT idea.

I hope he lets me give him a goatee!!

How cool would it be to be Tony Stark? Not in the Iron Man costume – because really, that’s just a pain in the butt to walk around in – but in a simple tee shirt with his little light-up chest thingy!  Am I right?!?!

After I focus on the kids’ costumes, maybe I can come up with something fun for Wayne and me. Not that we’ve been invited to any parties or anything, but because we love dressing up as much as the girls do! 🙂

I’d still love to dress up as Grace Kelly in “Rear Window”, but I don’t know how I’d feel pushing Wayne around in a wheelchair all night. Or perhaps Tippi Hedron from “The Birds” – I saw this costume. How fun is that?

What are YOU doing for Halloween??

My Quest For Cute Shoes

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I’ve talked before about how shoe shopping isn’t really my thing. I’m no Carrie Bradshaw.

But, I do need to wear shoes, and I like my shoes to look good with what I’m wearing. I also like to be comfortable. I learned long ago that comfort is key. I remember being in jr. high school wearing boat shoes (I think we called them Topsiders then) and the stitching hit precisely where my toe “knuckle” was. These days, I have a bunion there on my right foot and anything that hits me right there is just PAINFUL and brings back memories of those awful shoes.

Just looking at that shoe makes my foot hurt. *shiver*

So, I’ve done a bit more shoe shopping in the last few years. I bought cute shoes for Comic Con:

and these:

These flats are what’s killing me now. They are SOOOOOO comfy, and I have worn them so much, they literally have holes in them, I’m embarrassed to say. I’ve been on a mission to find another cute pair of flats that are just as comfy, but cute, too. I have had ZERO luck.

That’s not true. I *almost* had luck. I found these shoes:

I found them at DSW for a semi-reasonable price, but they were about a 1/2 size too small. I bought them, hoping they’d stretch, but I just wasn’t that confident that they would, so I returned them yesterday and bought these:

in black. And they’re really comfy, but not as cute. So, I don’t know if I’ll keep them.

In the grand scheme of life I realize this is a RIDICULOUS problem to even have. I realize I shouldn’t even spend 5 minutes thinking about something so silly. But it is what it is. I want my feet to be a) covered and b) comfortable and if I can also get c) cute in there, that’s awesome.

So tell me folks – where do you buy your shoes? Have any tips on cute comfy shoes? Help a gal out! 🙂

Week In Pictures (Includes Halloween, Part 2)

This week included a lot of Halloween and a lot of shopping. There was online shopping, mall shopping, clothes shopping, shopping for costumes, shoe shopping, and shopping for knitting paraphernalia. So, without further adoo (or ado, or adieu?), the week…

Making the house spooky!

Me & my littlest babe.


Window art at Starbucks (done by some cute 7th graders we know)


Decisions, decisions...


Hard at (home)work


Fun stuff inside!!


New knitting bag and circular bag from Namaste.

I went for my signing last week and a few of the ladies had these fabulous knitting bags from a company called Namaste. They had some that were “seconds” or “damaged” that were being sold for a STEAL. So, I grabbed these and I can’t believe it. There’s nothing visibly wrong with them, and they’re fabulous. The purple one is called the Monroe. Hello! I had to have it! The only thing that would have been better is the Grace or the Kelly. 🙂

A decorated house on my walk during the week


Alike, but different


Super-skinny "rockstar" jeans... not such a good look for a mom of three.


Lollipop girl


Farmers Market after soccer


My alter-ego, Grace Killy, and Cindy Brady

When I made my entrance in the house on skates, a little girl gasped, “No fair! She’s skating in the house!” I hope I didn’t cause an argument on the ride home.


Jan Brady, Luke Skywalker, & Yoda

Best buds, Han and Luke.


Today is just a regular, get cleaning, shopping, knitting done. Hopefully some designing will be done as well, as I’ve got ideas for two books swirling around in my brain. Tomorrow will be BUSTLING with activity – and three classroom parties, one video screening of astro camp, and trick-or-treating. Then hopefully me watching Dancing With the Stars and collapsing in a heap.

Has anyone done anything unusually fun this Halloween?

Confessions Of A Girl (Why I Am Not A Shoe Shopper)

I AM a girl. Really. I can be very feminine when I want to be. Granted, my daughters usually audibly gasp whenever I bare any leg, or wear anything they deem to be “girly,” but still, I am not a complete and utter tomboy.

There are still a few things, however, that I do think I’m missing in the girl department.

A celebrity shoe closet, unfathomable to me.

One of them is the purse gene. The other is the shoe gene.

I have always hated shopping for purses, though I have gotten a LITTLE better about it. My current purse is a military green satchel-type shoulder bag that I can toss on the ground and not worry about. My fanciest purse is a Chanel that my husband bought me for Christmas 2 years ago that I actually love, but am too afraid to use.

But shoes. Oh shoes. Shoes plague me, literally and figuratively.

I like cute shoes just as much as the next person, but some shoes I just don’t get. Like these.

It would be like walking en pointe all night, which doesn’t seem conducive to comfort, or stable ankles.

Or these, which are sort of cute, but I could never in a million years wear without breaking an ankle or getting a nosebleed.

My latest quest was for a pair of brown flat boots. Easy enough, right? Wrong!

Tuesday I went to the mall and looked at several pairs which were either not available in my size, too ugly, too cheaply made, or too expensive.

Yesterday I went to two stores, and at one place I walked around the store with 2 shoes looking like a fool while I took pictures with my toes turned in so I could get a good look at the outside of the boots.

I went home with neither, because I didn’t really LOVE either of them.

So, today I went to another mall, after looking online at DSW and Macy’s. I started at Macy’s and tried on several pairs, taking pictures of each one.

Pair One

The style of them wasn’t too bad, but they were kind of clunky and a bit too wide all the way around, especially around the ankle.

Pair Two

Pair #2 was less clunky and more sleek, but there was something about them I wasn’t crazy about. I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it was the smell. Maybe it was the way they felt around the ankle. Maybe it was the way they were so shiny….


I liked number 3 as far as I remember. I wasn’t over the moon for them. I don’t know what it was, but these boots just weren’t grabbing me.

These were the last boots I put on and the ones I ultimately took home. I still haven’t worn them outside, because I need to try them on with a few outfits, but there was something about these I loved. They were more narrow, they fit my calves and ankles better, I liked the color, and they just popped. They were different than all the other boots that looked just the same.

What do you think?


This will most likely be the last pair of boots I buy for years to come, so I better like them! Let’s hope I don’t change my mind and have to start from scratch next week!!

Fashion and Motherhood – what they don’t tell you

I am by no means a fashionista. Or a Diva. I often feel as if I’m somehow very underdressed for the school my kids attend. Often, moms will be wearing cute dresses, stylish jeans and boots, chic scarves. long skirts, darling sweaters, and I’m wearing jeans.

Of course, jeans isn’t what I wear EVERY day, and I’m not the only mom who wears them, but suffice it to say, no one would be putting me in a fashion magazine as a “do”… I might not necessarily be a “don’t” – but I know I’m not a “do” either. And I’m fine with that. I am a mom, after all. I don’t leave the house to go to a job in the professional world. (If I did, I’d have a different wardrobe for sure.)

When I became pregnant, I had to buy maternity clothes. I knew that would happen. What I didn’t realize was that I’d need in between clothes – when I was too small for maternity clothes, but too big for my regular clothes. Similarly, after my son was born, my body didn’t magically shrink back down to my pre-pregnancy size. Any mom can back me up here – wearing maternity clothes when YOU’RE NOT PREGNANT kind of sucks.

Also, for MOST women (there are a few I’ve known over the years who fit into their regular clothes mere weeks after the baby was born – I wasn’t blessed with these magical genes) it takes quite awhile to be able to wear anything you owned before getting pregnant, so you have to buy a few items to get you by. And if you have to dress up for, say, a wedding, you will find yourself at the mall.

I don’t know about most other women (moms or not), but I REALLY don’t enjoy shopping for special occasion dresses. Especially weddings. I never know exactly how dressy an occasion it’s going to be, and trying on dress after dress in those 3-way-mirrors can be downright horrifying. (This of course is a little less horrifying than buying a bathing suit, but we won’t go there today.)

After my son was born, when he was about a year old, I found myself going to two weddings in one weekend. My cousin was getting married on Saturday, and a good friend of mine was getting married on Sunday. There wouldn’t be anyone besides my husband and I at both weddings. This was a helpful bit of information. I suppose I could have just bought one dress and worn it both days, however having said one-year-old, I knew better than to assume I could keep that one dress clean enough to wear again the next day.

So, I headed out shopping. After trying several stores, I went to Nordstrom Rack. I really didn’t want to spend a ton of money on two dresses I might not ever wear again, and tried to pick a style that maybe I could wear again.

I ended up doing something I’ve never done before, but I’m sure celebrities do all the time.

I bought the same dress in two colors.

Wedding #1

Wedding #2

(ps – how Sean survived 2 weddings in a row is beyond me. He was a little trooper, and I was glad we were able to bring him to both gatherings.)

These days, I’d probably never do that again. The first reason being I’d be posting the photos on facebook or the blog, and I’d feel a bit silly having the same dress. Secondly, it’s clear to me looking back on these photos that the blue dress was far more flattering to my skin tone than the pink one. I’d have done better to just wash the blue one that night and wear it again. Lessons learned.

I do admit I felt a little fancy that day, buying 2 of the same dresses. I imagine celebrities and wealthy people doing things like that. “I’ll have one in every color!”

***What do you do when you’ve got two fancy occasions back-to-back? Do you buy new clothes, or wear something old with a new twist (like a new accessory or new shoes)? ***



Confession Time

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It’s 10:30am and I’m eating a chocolate covered marshmallow egg.

I went to the mall yesterday to get Easter stuff for the kids. I wasn’t too crazy about what they had at Target, so I headed to the mall to go to See’s and see if I could score some cute little toys or something.

When I got to See’s, I realized I already had quite a bit of candy. I didn’t really NEED to go there. Except, well, see… there are these amazing chocolate covered marshmallow eggs that only come out at Easter time and I just had to buy one. Or two. When I got into line and realized that my shopping trip “for the kids” left me holding two eggs intended only for me, I figured I should probably get at least something for them.

So I got some chocolate bunnies. That makes it okay, right?

Well, I found out quickly that our mall doesn’t really have a “toy” store. I looked all over for bunnies, and finally found a darling pink bunny at babygap. Hopefully my youngest won’t get that it’s a “baby” toy. I suppose the EB should cut the tag off just to make sure. One gift down, 2 to go, and I see a big SALE sign at Loft. So, naturally, my body just found itself inside the store. I’m not quite sure how I got there, but I left with a cute dress, a belt to go with the dress, cute earrings, and a big fun ring. All 40% off.

Now, I’m not that big of a shopper normally. I’m currently wearing a long sleeved tee I’ve had for 4 years and jeans I’ve had for 3. I don’t have an overabundance of shoes in my closet, or even that many clothes, really. I still felt guilty, though, when I brought home that bag full of goodies. Yet, despite this, I still found myself walking into a makeup store. In my defense, I needed to replenish what I was running out of, but I suppose buying the few extra things simply to “get a good deal” wasn’t 100% necessary. (Who needs necessary, ayway? It’s totally overrated.)

So, I went to the mall to get Easter stuff for the kids and instead came home with chocolates, clothes, accessories, and makeup for myself.

So of course I’m going back out to shop today. Let’s hope my quest for KIDS’ stuff will be more successful today than yesterday.