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The Uncertainty of Life

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

                                       Courage to change the things I can,

                                      And wisdom to know the difference.

My husband often tells me that worrying about things I have no control of isn’t going to help anything. He may have a point, but honestly? That’s precisely why I’m worried… because I HAVE NO CONTROL!!

Life is uncertain right now. I know I’m not the only one for whom it’s uncertain, but it’s no fun, and it’s weighing over me no matter how much I’m not “supposed” to worry about it.

We have a new administration that seems unpredictable. We have a new Education Secretary that has me really worried for the future of public education. People I love are dealing with medical issues that worry me. And last, but not least, I have no idea where I’ll be working next year.

What can I do about any of these things?

Well, for the first, I can join friends and family in activism. I can be more informed on issues and contact my representatives.

For the second thing? I can do my best at my job and fight back against crazy changes that might be coming up the pike. Those are things that might help me feel INVOLVED, although when push comes to shove, I just don’t know how much we can do.

For the third? Pray, I suppose. I don’t know that there’s much else I can do in that department.

And lastly? I honestly have no idea. Get my name “out there”? Cross my fingers that I land somewhere? I’ve been told that we currently have 10 teachers at my school, but we will only have room for 8 next year, unless our enrollment drastically changes. I find out my fate – at least whether or not I’ll get laid off or transferred – by March 15th. Supposedly. It seems an awfully long ways away from here.

Re-reading these things makes me feel a bit petty. I have a roof over my head. My children, husband, and I are healthy. We are well-fed. We are doing well. So many more things could be worrying us, that it makes my worries seem small. But still, they are my worries, and no matter what, it’s how I’m wired.

I think I need to take up Yoga.



Random Musings

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My head’s still a bit fuzzy from the cold/sinus/upper respiratory infection, but man, I feel worlds better than yesterday. I can swallow without it feeling like torture! So, today I’m just going to share some random thoughts with you. Feel free to add your own random thoughts.

– Spending the day with my 5 year old is enlightening and fun. I miss her when she’s at school sometimes, and having her home is a bit of special time for us. She is so smart and funny, and uses words I hear her 10 year old brother say, which makes me giggle.

– What is up with this weather, world? Storms all around, gloom in California, tornadoes in Massachussetts… doesn’t make any sense to me at all. It’s almost summer, people, let’s get some sunshine!

– Just when I think “Oh, I don’t need to buy more jeans for the kids, because it’s going to be summer,” it’s cold out.

– Having 3 kids in school means that at least 2 of them will be having end-of-the-year parties at the same time, or a field trip and a play, or a field trip and a special class project, or more than one has a field trip the same day. How does one split themselves in two (or three), exactly?

– Plumbing issues stink (figuratively and literally).

– Don’t listen to the Kevin Pollak Chat Show when your 5-year-old is in earshot.

– Do most men think sending photos of your penis is a good idea? What’s the thinking behind that? Do they think that most women would find them a) irresistable or b) intelligent with a move like that? Is it supposed to be sexy, or a joke? And since when has putting a lewd picture of yourself on the internet worked positively for ANYONE? (never, last time I checked)

– Ice cream’s not a good idea when you’ve got chest congestion, but a great idea when your throat hurts, hence my dilemma.

– Sometimes following celebrities you like on twitter makes you realize they’re really not that cool.

– The week after I start 2 separate treatments for my headaches, I get a cold and a sinus infection, so I really don’t know if they’re working or not.

– The minute you need to leave the house to pick up the kids is when the service person you’ve been waiting for for 2 hours arrives.

Add your random (or not so random) thoughts!!