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We Marched Today

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Today, my daughters and I marched. We didn’t march in January, though I knit lots of hats for friends and family who did march. We didn’t march THIS January, because we were celebrating my son’s birthday. But today we marched. I didn’t see how we couldn’t.


You see, I am a teacher. Every day I’m in charge of 20 little minds, hearts, and souls. Every day I not only teach them how to blend sounds into words and add and subtract, but I try to teach them how to be kind, how to be a friend, and how to look out for one another. Every day I make sure they have a snack, they feel heard, they are happy, and they are doing okay. Every day I give and get hugs. I comfort. I encourage. I applaud. Every day I try not to think that some horrible thing could happen to all of us while trying to learn.


photo by Julie Rodriguez

I am also a mother. I have three precious beings that go out into the world every day to three different schools. We all leave in the morning, off to our separate classrooms, hoping to just learn. Hoping that nothing terrible happens. Hoping that each one of them comes home.

It’s easy to forget. If I didn’t forget that a school shooting could happen ANYWHERE, I couldn’t do my job. I couldn’t send my own kids to school each day. If we didn’t PUSH the fear back into the recesses of our minds each day, none of us could function in the world.

I realize it’s not just schools.

It’s movie theaters. It’s malls. It’s clubs and concerts and parks and colleges and churches, and restaurants. It’s outreach centers and post offices, community centers, and of course homes.

Over and over and over and over and over again.

I’m done. He’s done. She’s done. They’re done. We’re ALL DONE.


Stop telling us it’s not guns, it’s that kids are bullied. If that were truly the case, most of the mass shooters would be gay kids, transgender kids, special needs kids, girls, and minorities. But it’s not, is it? It’s white males. With access to guns. I know not all white males are awful. I’ve got a father, 3 brothers, a husband, and a son for starters, who are all wonderful. But let’s be real. It’s the angry white males getting ahold of these weapons of mass destruction and killing innocent people. And it’s EASY for them to get ahold of these killing machines.

Those of us who want reform and change don’t want to “take all the guns away” (though truthfully, I’d be 100% okay with ZERO GUNS anymore), but we DO want to make it harder to get these weapons into the hands of men and boys who will go on shooting sprees and kill kids, teachers, innocent people.

Right now it seems more difficult to buy sudafed than it is a gun. There’s something wrong with this picture.

So we march.

We ordered these shirts from Lin Manuel Miranda’s teerico.

This was our first march. I am sure that it will not be our last. Something has changed in our country. Not only are the adults fired up, but so are the teenagers. So are the kids. We are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

Did you march? Will you march?