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Nerd Is The Word

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I wasn’t always a nerd. I mean, I suppose I was and just didn’t realize it. I didn’t attend conventions or read comics as a child, but I “geeked out” over so many things… Duran Duran, The Monkees, Wham, everything 60s, certain book series, and certain TV shows. Back when I was a kid, there wasn’t a great acceptance of being a geek or a nerd, so I guess I was less aware. But also, I’ve completely embraced it in the last 10 years. And now that there’s the internet, I can completely deep dive into things I love.

Things I’m a nerd/geek/fan of: Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, knitting, Superheroes, vampires, and more.

The first time we went to Comic Con was 2010. This was right before my first book was released, and my biggest motivation was that my publisher was going to be there, and they’d have some marketing materials for it.



We went in 2011 and then missed a few years, because we weren’t able to get tickets. In fact, we didn’t find ourselves with tickets again until last year.


Comic-Con 2016

It’s extremely hard to get tickets, and I know we’re lucky to get any at all, but one my goal is to get tickets for Saturday, where all the big panels I’m interested in take place. Nevertheless, Sundays are great for shopping and people watching.


What was under my Trek boots. 🙂


My youngest as Eleven.                                       The Trek couple.

My daughter and son’s homemade costumes – Batgirl and Clark Kent.


I visited the Outlander booth.


We bought some fun Star Wars art to hang in the house.


As cool as this coffee table was, I had to put my foot down.


We ran into Darth Trump


Heading for the train.

There seems to be more people attending every year, but I’m still going to try to come back next year. Maybe I need to find a way to volunteer, or work there, so that I can spend more than just a half-day there.



Week In Pictures – Fitness, Food, Fashion, & Art

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On a hot day of lessons, Mama cools her heels.


The big kids race each other while Mads gets her lesson.


Some art in front of a house on my morning walk. Little ants.


I am thankful for Rice Chex, I’m attempting to cut out gluten to see if it helps my thyroid issues.


Movie Night at home – Man of Steel.


Daddy-daughter snuggles


Dinner out.


My middle, trying her hand at candy making.




School shopping

IMG_9066Two weeks from today, the kids go back to school. I can’t believe how quickly this summer is flying by! Any fun ideas for the end of summer?


Saying Goodbye to Sparkly Vampires

Two days ago, I said good-bye to some friends who’ve inspired me the last few years. It’s a little bit like the feeling I had when I said good-bye to Harry Potter, but not quite the same. See, with Harry Potter, my whole family is involved. My husband and kids have read (or are reading) the books and have seen (or are making their way through as they read) the movies. We all have scarves. We all had a wonderful time at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I can even talk Harry Potter with my brothers.

But “Twilight” is not the same. I was first introduced to “Twilight” by my friend, Miho. I couldn’t put it down. It wasn’t the best literature I’ve ever read, but what is? I read a lot of books of varying degrees of literature. This book – and the whole series – had me turning the page and staying up all night to read “just one more chapter.”

Waiting to be read again

My husband doesn’t read the books, although he willingly gets the blu-rays for me when they come out and obliges me by watching them with me for at least one viewing. My kids are too young to read them. My brothers make fun of the series, as well as my sisters-in-law. I can’t even bring it up around them for being mocked. (In fact, I think that’s why they didn’t really take my book too seriously because of the subject matter.)

So, I share this love with friends like Miho – who not only loaned me the first two books, but is the friend I watch all the movies with. I share it with Heather and Annie and even some friends from college. I share it with Shannon, Christina, Darcy, and friends I’ve met on Ravelry, and the designers I worked with on “Vampire Knits.” And I share it with tons of other women around the globe.

Darcy and I promoting “Vampire Knits” at a Twilight convention

I wrote about the series here, one year ago, just when “Breaking Dawn, part 1” was premiering. It’s a brief telling of my feelings on the series.

One thing the series did for me, beyond entertain me, was introduced me to new people. And in that introduction came my idea for the book. So, I have Stephenie Meyer and Edward Cullen to thank for putting me on the journey to “Vampire Knits.” And honestly, I’m not afraid to wear my “Team Edward” shirt. I buy bath products that have the word twilight in the name. I know I’m way too old to like a teenage vampire so much, but I don’t care. I still feel like a teenager most of the time, anyway.

So I saw the last film, and I admit I got a little teary. I was sure that I was reacting more than my friends were, so  I tried to reign it in. There were surprises in this film that – while they were happening – made me SO upset. And the end credits show every major character that has appeared in the whole series. That made me teary. It was like a big “good-bye,” if you will. I won’t spoil anything. Suffice it to say, I really like what they did with the movie. I was not disappointed.

The “Twilight” movies may never go down in history as the best movies ever made, especially considering that every single one besides the last two were directed by different people, but they will have their place in history as a crazy phenomenon, and they will always remind me of my own beginnings as a designer and writer. While I may not get as weepy about Edward, Bella, and Jacob as I do with Harry, Hermione, and Ron, there will always be a place in my heart for the series.

So long, vampires, wolves, and humans. So long Edward, Bella, and Jacob. So long Cullens and Quileutes. I’ll visit you from time to time, for sure. Thanks for the entertainment and the inspiration. I don’t care if my family mocks me – you’ve taken me down a path I never imagined, and for that, I am thankful.