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Confession Time

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It’s 10:30am and I’m eating a chocolate covered marshmallow egg.

I went to the mall yesterday to get Easter stuff for the kids. I wasn’t too crazy about what they had at Target, so I headed to the mall to go to See’s and see if I could score some cute little toys or something.

When I got to See’s, I realized I already had quite a bit of candy. I didn’t really NEED to go there. Except, well, see… there are these amazing chocolate covered marshmallow eggs that only come out at Easter time and I just had to buy one. Or two. When I got into line and realized that my shopping trip “for the kids” left me holding two eggs intended only for me, I figured I should probably get at least something for them.

So I got some chocolate bunnies. That makes it okay, right?

Well, I found out quickly that our mall doesn’t really have a “toy” store. I looked all over for bunnies, and finally found a darling pink bunny at babygap. Hopefully my youngest won’t get that it’s a “baby” toy. I suppose the EB should cut the tag off just to make sure. One gift down, 2 to go, and I see a big SALE sign at Loft. So, naturally, my body just found itself inside the store. I’m not quite sure how I got there, but I left with a cute dress, a belt to go with the dress, cute earrings, and a big fun ring. All 40% off.

Now, I’m not that big of a shopper normally. I’m currently wearing a long sleeved tee I’ve had for 4 years and jeans I’ve had for 3. I don’t have an overabundance of shoes in my closet, or even that many clothes, really. I still felt guilty, though, when I brought home that bag full of goodies. Yet, despite this, I still found myself walking into a makeup store. In my defense, I needed to replenish what I was running out of, but I suppose buying the few extra things simply to “get a good deal” wasn’t 100% necessary. (Who needs necessary, ayway? It’s totally overrated.)

So, I went to the mall to get Easter stuff for the kids and instead came home with chocolates, clothes, accessories, and makeup for myself.

So of course I’m going back out to shop today. Let’s hope my quest for KIDS’ stuff will be more successful today than yesterday.