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The Evolution of Weight Watchers Points

The first time I joined Weight Watchers was after my daughter was born in 2003. I write a little about my times at WW HERE.

Recently, we moved homes, and I’ve been slowly working my way through boxes and bags of stuff. Yesterday I cam across this little gem.


Just for kicks, I decided to compare a few items to see how different the points values would be between this sliding scale and the calculator on the Weight Watchers Site. (This slider is dated 9/04 on the back.)

My breakfast today was Multigrain Cheerios.

By the slider, it was 2 points. The milk was 1 point. The fruit was 0.

By today’s Weight Watchers calculator, the cereal was 4 points. The milk was 2. The fruit was 0.

So, my meal was 3 points by 2004’s scale and 6 points by 2016’s scale. That’s twice as many points!!

I started to get a little down and lament the fact that all the points are higher now, until I did some more research. Right now, I get 30 points per day (plus any I can earn during exercise or “extra points” given during the week). Then, I dug deeper. I seem to remember not having that many points available. I’m pretty sure 22 points is what I had (plus exercise and “weekly points”) back then.

I’m inclined to believe that the current Smartpoints program is more comprehensive. It takes into account calories, fiber, fat, carbs, protein and sugar. The old program was calories, fiber, and fat only.

The one thing you need in ANY weight loss program is accountability. Lately, I’ve had zero. Between eating my feelings about work and the election and Halloween candy and birthday cake for me and for my daughter, I’ve been pretty lazy. And I’ve gained FIVE pounds in a month. Five. It may not sound like much, but when it makes all your pants feel too tight, then it’s more than enough.

And of course, two days before Thanksgiving isn’t the BEST time to try to eat better. However, it’s better than never starting.

So here I go. Again. Wish me luck.


Week In Pictures – Fitness, Food, Fashion, & Art

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On a hot day of lessons, Mama cools her heels.


The big kids race each other while Mads gets her lesson.


Some art in front of a house on my morning walk. Little ants.


I am thankful for Rice Chex, I’m attempting to cut out gluten to see if it helps my thyroid issues.


Movie Night at home – Man of Steel.


Daddy-daughter snuggles


Dinner out.


My middle, trying her hand at candy making.




School shopping

IMG_9066Two weeks from today, the kids go back to school. I can’t believe how quickly this summer is flying by! Any fun ideas for the end of summer?


Eating Around The World for the Olympics

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We like food at our house, and we often eat all different types of food. During the Olympics, we’re taking the opportunity to try and eat food representing a different country each night.

Sometimes this means making something familiar. Sometimes it means trying something completely new. The goal is not only to eat well, but to expose the kids to all different types of food and culture.

The first night of the Olympics – Opening Ceremonies night – we had Greek food. I thought my husband hit the nail on the head with this one, since Greece was the first place the Olympics was held, after all.

We didn’t cook it, however. We left it to the professionals.

Greek “pizza”

Greek salad… yum!

Gyro meat, kebabs, pita, hummus, and… french fries. lol



Saturday we had Tandoori chicken and Naan. And sadly, I failed to take a photo of the deliciousness. We marinated and grilled the chicken, and I made homemade cucumber raita – it was delicious! (Side note – I also made my first mojito, which isn’t exactly Indian, but was sooo good!) I guess you’ll have to trust me! 🙂

Sunday was a bit of a crazy night. I attended a party and my husband was working on our construction project. When I came home, I fixed an old standard – pasta. Sadly, I didn’t take any photos. But, we did eat Italian.

Monday night we had Chinese food. Wayne found a recipe for Mongolian beef 0 so he was in charge of that. I cooked up some premade potstickers for an appetizer, and made my specialty fried rice.

Mongolian beef & fried rice – looks kind of like a monster.



Last night, we had pizza. I suppose you could either call this Italian food or American food. Either way, it was on a memorable night for American Olympians – the women’s gymnastic team got the gold (and made me cry) and Michael Phelps got his 19th medal. Congratulations!!

My take on homemade pizza for Wayne and I – pesto sauce, cheese, tomatoes, & basil.

This morning we had French croissants. 🙂

I’m still trying to plan the rest of the meals. I think we’ll be visiting Germany, France, and Spain among others!

Are we the only ones doing this? What’s your favorite “ethnic” recipe?


Postcards From A Vacation, Part 2 (The Food, Beach, and Zoo at Santa Barbara)

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We’re home now, and I’m able to post the rest of my photos, along with some descriptions. (I posted my last blog entry from my phone, and wasn’t able to add those descriptions into the post.)

We arrived on Tuesday and drove around SB and toured the facilities, relaxed, and ate dinner. Wednesday we went to the Museum of Natural History, Santa Barbara Mission, Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens, and swam. Thursday we went wine tasting and visited Solvang, as well as Mission Santa Ines, and swam.

Friday, we decided to relax. We took a semi-leisurely walk to breakfast (I say semi-leisurely, because we walked over the freeway that, despite my age and sensibility, kind of freaked me out.

The bridge over the freeway

Breakfast outside at Jeannines

We happened upon a Farmer’s Market

Where we bought olive oil and peaches

This little girl liked the balloon animals

We took a walk on the beach and collected shells.

And Wayne showed the kids how to find sandcrabs.

And we looked at lovely homes right on the beach.

We went to a German restaurant where the owner brought us oranges she picked from her own tree (and sold us a giant bag).



We ordered cookies and milk from room service and they were waiting for us when we got back.

Today was our last day. Tried another bakery who made pretty coffee (though it didn’t really taste like a mocha).

Wayne’s cocoa made him feel like a kid.

We had a quick swim, then checked out and went to the zoo.

The sign on this entrance said, “Eeeewww!”

One of the little penguin buddies had a cast on his foot. 😦

And the giraffes came in for their close-ups.


We had a great time! We saw sights, learned history, tried new things, swam, ate, and relaxed. We were all “happy and sad” to be going home today.


Local Color – Food Truck Festival

A few weeks ago, I got an invitation on facebook to a Gourmet Food Truck Festival. I thought that sounded like just about the coolest thing ever, so we put it on the calendar and today we went.

There are 8 food trucks there. A Vietnamese truck called NomNom, a shave ice truck called A Rockin’ Ice, a Filipino/Hawaiian fusion truck called Truck Norris, a cajun-ish truck called Slap Yo Mama, a meatball truck called Great Balls on Tires, Dim Sum Truck, Frysmith (gourmet fries), and CoolHaus, a gourmet ice cream truck.

We visited Slap Yo Mama, Truck Norris, and CoolHaus.

Since they make the food right there, you do have to wait a bit, but it’s not long… at least if you’re not a very hungry, very hot 5-year-old.

There were some who got there before us and were taking advantage of the shaved ice truck… and sharing.

Finally, our food was ready!

Wayne's crawfish boil and sweet potato fries

My fries and soft shell crab po boy

kids' sesame chicken with rice and salad

Short rib taco

It was all very delicious!

I suppose we should have let the kids play on the new playground to work off some energy and make room for ice cream.

The line for CoolHaus was pretty long, but we HAD to try some of their ice cream.

Their menu:

Just in case you can’t read that very well:

Cookie flavors – oatmeal cookie, Potato chip & Skor bar cookie, chocolate cookie, red velvet cookie, chocolate chip cookie

Ice Cream/Gelato/Sorbet flavors- balsamic fig & mascarpone ice cream, Mexican chocolate chipotle ice cream, blackberry ginger sorbet, acai blueberry gelato, green tea ice cream, peanut butter ice cream, and olive oil gelato

The kids decided the ice cream sounded gross, so they just got cookies.

Wayne was adventurous and got the balsamic fig & mascarpone with oatmeal cookies.

I stuck with 2 flavors I love. Peanut butter and chocolate.

All in all, it was very successful, and very delicious!

It’s still happening until 6pm, so if you’re in Sierra Madre and are hungry, stop by the Food Truck Festival at Memorial Park!!

Random Musings

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My head’s still a bit fuzzy from the cold/sinus/upper respiratory infection, but man, I feel worlds better than yesterday. I can swallow without it feeling like torture! So, today I’m just going to share some random thoughts with you. Feel free to add your own random thoughts.

– Spending the day with my 5 year old is enlightening and fun. I miss her when she’s at school sometimes, and having her home is a bit of special time for us. She is so smart and funny, and uses words I hear her 10 year old brother say, which makes me giggle.

– What is up with this weather, world? Storms all around, gloom in California, tornadoes in Massachussetts… doesn’t make any sense to me at all. It’s almost summer, people, let’s get some sunshine!

– Just when I think “Oh, I don’t need to buy more jeans for the kids, because it’s going to be summer,” it’s cold out.

– Having 3 kids in school means that at least 2 of them will be having end-of-the-year parties at the same time, or a field trip and a play, or a field trip and a special class project, or more than one has a field trip the same day. How does one split themselves in two (or three), exactly?

– Plumbing issues stink (figuratively and literally).

– Don’t listen to the Kevin Pollak Chat Show when your 5-year-old is in earshot.

– Do most men think sending photos of your penis is a good idea? What’s the thinking behind that? Do they think that most women would find them a) irresistable or b) intelligent with a move like that? Is it supposed to be sexy, or a joke? And since when has putting a lewd picture of yourself on the internet worked positively for ANYONE? (never, last time I checked)

– Ice cream’s not a good idea when you’ve got chest congestion, but a great idea when your throat hurts, hence my dilemma.

– Sometimes following celebrities you like on twitter makes you realize they’re really not that cool.

– The week after I start 2 separate treatments for my headaches, I get a cold and a sinus infection, so I really don’t know if they’re working or not.

– The minute you need to leave the house to pick up the kids is when the service person you’ve been waiting for for 2 hours arrives.

Add your random (or not so random) thoughts!!


And I Feel Fine

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So, all over the interwebs, there’s talk of THIS “prophecy” if you will.

I have to say, I think it’s all nonsense.

However, it got me thinking. What if there really were only 2 days left to live? What would you do? Would you buy something extravagant? Would you do something dangerous, like bungee jump or mountain climb? Would you profess your love to someone? Would you eat an amazing extravagant meal – or eat whatever you wanted?

What if it was 2 weeks or 2 months? Is there a list you have? Would you take the trip you always wanted, or audition for a movie, or have nude pictures taken? Would you get a tattoo or a piercing? Dye your hair purple or lime green? Would you quit your job or take one last vacation?

I don’t know what I’d do. I suppose maybe I’d take the kids out of school and go on a trip to a beautiful place one last time. Maybe Maui. Or The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Or Siena, Italy…

Or, maybe I’d find Matthew Fox and have a fling. (Just kidding. Sort of.)

I’d maybe call someone who’s been rotten to me and tell them I forgive them. (Or maybe I’d tell them to go to hell.)

I’d dress like Sugar Kovalchick and sing  songs with a ukelele.

I don’t know. Maybe I’d do nothing different. Maybe I’d keep my kids home with me and just cuddle them for days straight. Maybe my husband would quit his job and we’d just stay in a little bubble – the 5 of us – dancing and eating chocolates and being silly and all sleeping in the same bed every night.

Maybe I’d try to eat all my favorite meals. Or text everyone I knew to say goodbye, because my bill wouldn’t be paid anyway, so why would it matter?

Maybe, because I really believe we can’t predict when we will die, that maybe we should all keep this in mind. Maybe I should just start living my best life. Not waste so much time. Not neglect my loved ones’ feelings. Enjoy life, at nobody’s expense.

What would YOU do if the world was going to end?