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This Week in Pictures – 7/2/16

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It’s been a LONG time.

We visited a hardware store that carries some interesting “antiques”… like this commemorative plate.


And this odd little chicken.IMG_6825

We were picking out knobs and pulls for the kitchen. It’s amazing how crazy some of the hardware gets.IMG_6827

We did not pick any of these.IMG_6828

That night, a friend and I saw a play at the local playhouse. We had pretty good seats. I have mixed feelings about the actual “play,” which seemed more like we were being read a woman’s actual diary on stage.IMG_6858

The kids have found the fun little “jail” in the staircase.IMG_6934

And my son finally emptied (most) of the boxes in his room, with TONS of help from my awesome parents.IMG_6947

We got a new bed.IMG_6969

The kids played Monopoly. They played the same game over a series of days.IMG_6970

Last night we watched the local fireworks from a friend’s front yard, catching up with people I adore that I haven’t seen in far too long.IMG_7004

This morning, my husband put up some art on the wall. IMG_7005

And finally… we got some random candy left on our doormat last night. So odd.IMG_7006

This weekend we’ll celebrate the 4th with family. Happy Independence Day, Americans. Let’s get our act together, shall we?



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