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Three Weeks In

Three Weeks In

There’s nothing like going back to work full-time to damper your online time. I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks and I barely keep up with people on Facebook like I used to. This is actually a good thing. I’m participating more in real life, I feel.

How is real life 3 weeks in?


The first weekend after school started was a lot of resting, doing laundry, catching up, and searching for books for my classroom. I also was extremely fortunate to be able to get a crash course in a teaching technique used by one of my daughter’s wonderful 5th grade teachers. She opened her classroom to me on a Sunday and spent a good hour with me going over everything. Between her help and all the getting-to-know-you help I got from her wonderful partner teacher, I was feeling much more confident about how this year was going to go.

The second week of school was more getting used to the schedule. On Mondays, the girls get out early and the boy starts late. We got into the groove of me taking my son to school (except on Mondays) and picking him up. It is lovely, honestly, to spend time with just him – however short – because it’s rare these days now that he’s older. I also realize my times like this with him are limited, and I cherish them.

Watching him head into that big school...

Watching him head into that big school…

That Saturday, he and I attended a Leadership Day for Comedy Sportz High School League. Sean’s trying to start one at his school, and we were given a lot of help on how to start it and how to run it. He just needs to find a teacher at the school willing to help out. Fingers crossed!!


Advisor’s session, where I asked far too many questions, and Phil and James were infinitely patient with me.


The boy, making friends with MUCH bigger, older, funny kids.

That Sunday was my husband’s and my 18th wedding anniversary. We took the kids out to dinner. The first place we tried to make reservations at was out of business. After being in business for 37 years, it closed down. We were bummed. I took this opportunity to find a new place we’d never been to.

I picked a place that looked good on the internet, but in reality was not so great. It was a) tiny b) empty and c) smelled weird. We decided to go somewhere else instead. We walked to a fondue place we liked, but guess what? It was closed down. My husband and son ran to a restaurant we knew of up the street from the defunct fondue place – closed down also. I was wearing almost-stilletos and I could barely walk at this point. We were all hungry, and getting grumpy. My husband ran to an Italian place we knew of while I walked (slowly) with the kids. He eventually called me with a slightly closer Italian restaurant to try, so we settled there. At this point, we were happy to just have something to eat and a place to sit down. We ended up having a lovely dinner.

IMG_4655 IMG_4657 IMG_4656

Our third week started out with a lot of excitement! First of all, I was excited to finally do a big hands-on project with my students. Secondly, and more exciting for all of us, we got the keys to our new house!

Lots of noise, lots of fun.

Lots of noise, lots of fun.

Even my kids who normally hate sitting still or listening or being engaged in learning were ON TASK, engaged, and (gasp) enjoying themselves. My aides were having mini heart attacks over the mess, but I was just enjoying every minute of it.


After school that same day, we headed over to the new house to plan and dream about how it was all going to come together. Everyone’s excited about decorating their own rooms. I’m trying not to be overwhelmed by the idea of moving in the middle of the school year. 😛

Wednesday was an impromptu back to school night for my 5th grader, as well as the chaperone and informational meeting for our Astrocamp trip coming up in two weeks. I got handed several packets of paperwork and many checks that night. As much as I enjoy being able to set up this field trip for the kids, it’s been more challenging juggling it with work and all my other responsibilities. There have been many last minute changes made – chaperones dropping out and last-minute kids being added. I’m wiped out. I’m looking forward to being on the trip itself and glad that this is my last time.

The rest of the week had it’s challenges, which I won’t go into. Suffice it to say, I was ready for Friday. On Friday I started to lose my voice. I thought it was because I yelled on the playground when the kids were playing kickball because I forgot my whistle. Turns out it’s because was coming down with a cold.

That night, we had a good friend over for dinner. It’s always fun to entertain, and it’s extra nice when Steve comes to town. I’m hoping that once we’re in the new place we can entertain more. It’s going to be one of my goals for the new year.

Good friends, good food.

Good friends, good food.

Today my husband and I were going to go out to a nice dinner just the two of us, but with how I’m feeling, we’re going to pass. Hopefully I can just rest and enjoy the long weekend before heading back to school on Tuesday.

I hope everyone has a lovely Labor Day Weekend!



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