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Nerds and Superheros and Cougars

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Looking back on my life, I’m not sure when I became a nerd or a geek, or which one I am…

According to “” I could be both, I suppose.

Nerd: an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit

Geek: a person who has excessive enthusiasm for and some expertise about a specialized subject or activity

When I was in high school I was in the honors classes, but not the top level. I was smart, but not ridiculously so. I also wasn’t altogether super-motivated, which of course frustrated my parents a little. I was one of those kids who “didn’t apply myself.”

I didn’t think I was a nerd or a geek in high school. I wasn’t in 4H or band or any really nerdy clubs. I certainly wasn’t in the popular group. I wasn’t a cheerleader, on a team, or in student council. I sort of floated between groups of people. I was, however, totally geeky when it came to certain things. Like, I loved the Monkees and all things 60s. Not many kids my age could say the same thing.

I definitely “geek out” about certain things, and have done so throughout my life. Things I’ve geeked out on:

The Muppets (this was one of the first)

Doing impersonations and accents

Duran Duran

The Monkees

The 60’s

Marilyn Monroe




Making homemade baby food


Getting/doing all things Wiggles for my son

Knitting for auctions

Star Wars

Star Trek

Taking photos


Knitting and designing for things I’m currently geeking out on (Like the following)



Fairy Tales

I’m sure there are more, but you get the picture. These days, you can add two more to the list: The Flash and Arrow.

When I like a show, I jump in with both feet and listen to podcasts, read articles, etc. I become one of those people who mock a podcaster who doesn’t know about Speed Force -even though before this year I didn’t, either. (If you’re going to do a podcast about a comic book character, you should really brush up on the mythos.)

I knew the Flash was a superhero and comic book character, but I didn’t know much else. I stumbled upon the TV show a few months ago when I was home with the kids flipping channels after dinner. It was the second episode, and I couldn’t wait to go back and see the pilot. My kids and I were hooked, instantly. Barry Allen, Cisco, Dr. Snow, Dr. Wells, and Joe West are fantastic. (I’m not going to lie – Grant Gustin is freaking adorable, which doesn’t hurt.)

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 11.06.40 AM

Flash (Grant Gustin) and Arrow (Stephen Amell)

When I heard on a podcast that the Barry Allen made an appearance or two on Arrow before his pilot was even on, I had to go back and watch. I didn’t understand ANY of the actual Arrow plot, but it was great to see that even back then Grant Gustin was playing Barry Allen as if he’d been around the whole time. Now that my husband has given me the first two seasons of Arrow, I’m in! I love Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity, and the Barry episodes I just watched again now make sense. Again – it certainly doesn’t hurt that Stephen Amell is so good-looking and often does the salmon ladder with no shirt.

My son has been watching The Arrow with me every week when his sisters are in Musical Theater. Now that it’s summer, we’ve been watching Season 3 (No Spoilers!) and my daughters are catching up with us. I wonder what they see in the show. I know they have recently gotten a little obsessed with superheroes and comic books. They’ve been going to the comic book store with my husband for years, but recently they’ve been reading the Marvel and DC character profiles over and over – learning about the various and sundry heroes and villains.

I enjoy the shows for the action and the story, and I suppose you can call me a cougar, because I enjoy looking at the lead actors. I feel dirty just saying it.

So there. I’m not only a nerd and a geek, but I’m also a cougar.

Who’s with me?!



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