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Life’s Like A Shakespeare Play…

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Or at least it was last week.

My daughters are part of a musical theater ensemble here in town. They love it! They first joined after seeing a friend in one of the shows. They were enchanted immediately and wanted to try it.

They have had a ton of fun doing these shows. As the mom, I would honestly not mind if they took a semester off. There are a LOT of rehearsals and long hours and missed plans because of the rehearsals. The week before the show is BRUTAL, with rehearsals every night for 3+ hours, in the midst of homework, projects, Open Houses at school, and even state testing. Mom’s exhausted.

But Mom also loves to see her girls on stage, and the girls LOVE doing it – so we continue, as frustrating as it can be.

Their first show was a take on Cinderella.

My older daughter was a page,

Poor girl gets to wear a heavy coat all during the show.

Poor girl gets to wear a heavy coat all during the show.

My younger daughter was a “Calypso Cleaner” (you’d have to see the show to understand).IMG_3643

Once they got the bug – that was it! They took the summer off and in the fall they had a new holiday show to learn.


After “North Pole Radio” was “Toad,” where one daughter is a weasel and the other is a stoat and a hedgehog.

Oh yeah... and a tree and a bush. :P

Oh yeah… and a tree and a bush. 😛

That show was when my older daughter really broke out of her shell and brought the comedy. That lead to her getting a bigger part in the next show, “It’s a Dickens.”


She was a mean lady who ran an orphanage (where my younger daughter was an orphan).


My older daughter was also George Bernard Shaw. (so she’s been a boy in 3 plays now – counting the weasel)

This spring brought another boy part for the older, and a go-go for the younger. “Summer Dreamin'” was a musical, 60s style version of “Midsummer Night’s Dream.” It was tons of fun.

IMG_8995 IMG_8902

My mother once said I was living out my own dreams in my children. I don’t agree. While I always loved to act and dance, I’ve never been comfortable at singing. And I don’t know if I would have been as patient and as adapting as my girls have been. They long for the bigger parts, and I’m hoping they’re coming up in the future for them.

Though, no matter what happens, what’s the saying? There are no small parts, only small actors.


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