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Sick Kids and TV Marathons

Today I’m home with a sick kid. Yesterday I was home with a different sick kid. Last week I was home two days with yet a different sick kid. Having a sick kid is no fun. I feel terrible for the kid and just want them to feel better. At the same time, I worry about missed assignments and how long they’ll be out.

However, there are a few nice things about staying in with a sick child at home.

First, you have permission to sit on the couch and just hang out. Sometimes, when they’re younger, they’ll let you snuggle them. When they’re older, there’s usually a tv marathon of some kind. My oldest (and only son) was home last week and we had an “Arrow” marathon. It’s a darker show than “The Flash” – another superhero show that all my kids watch – so it’s become “our show” that we watch just the two of us.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 9.25.57 AM

Yesterday, my middle child played video games and watched several episodes of “Rocky and Bullwinkle” (yes, you read that right).

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 9.26.53 AM

Today, my youngest will most likely choose a movie or some old tv series.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 9.27.37 AM

Last year, when my middle child broke both of her wrists, I introduced her to “Once Upon A Time” – and soon the other kids wanted to watch it, too. Now they’re all fans. 🙂


I have to say, when I was a kid and stayed home sick, I didn’t have an arsenal of old and new shows, movies, and video games. We had no Hulu or Netflix. TV series weren’t on VHS (or Betamax). We watched what was on tv, or we read, or were bored. Kids today don’t have the opportunity to be bored. There’s too much to keep them busy.

It might stink to feel bad and miss seeing your friends at school, but having a sick day is not a bad gig in 2015.





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  1. That’s for sure. I love Arrow and a marathon of that isn’t too bad that’s for sure! Hope everyone is on the mend though. No fun being sick.

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