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Look Down, Look Straight, Look Up – Neighborhood Walks

I’ve been taking a lot of walks lately. I’ve been logging between 2 (on a quick day) to 5 miles around the neighborhood. When I walk through the neighborhood alone, I always listen to a podcast (sometimes music) and try to find things around me to look at. It’s much different than when I’m walking with a friend, whom I can talk with the whole time.

So, I try to find interesting things to look at.

One thing I have found is the sidewalks in the three close neighborhoods are all different ages.


My neighborhood. 1949.


Neighborhood directly North of us. 1954.


Same neighborhood North of us – 1951.


Neighboring city. The earliest I can find is 1974, which is odd, because I know the city is over 100 years old.


Same neighboring city. 1987. They patch a LOT of their sidewalks with asphalt.


Same Northern neighborhood as before – stamp is on the side of the curb, rather than the sidewalk. 1955.


Last week I found a hidden treasure – a neighborhood I had NO idea existed. Much younger – on the curb. 1986.

Every now and then I find something pretty on the ground.

Every now and then I find something pretty on the ground.


Looking forward, I noticed the doors on the houses in the neighborhoods. I love unique doors. I love doors with color. And I’m fascinated by the variety of styles and eras of doors in all the surrounding neighborhoods. Here’s a smattering.


I don’t know that I could have these doors on my house, but theyre really cool!




The birds remind me of my grandmother, who loved birds.







Some decorations are cuter than others.

IMG_7283 IMG_7280 IMG_7270

IMG_6280 IMG_6278

And every now and then I get to see a view of the city.

IMG_7578When I look up, there’s all sorts of things to see.

IMG_7275 IMG_7505

IMG_7276 IMG_7262 IMG_7278 IMG_7293

What do you see around your neighborhood?





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