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Is Chocolate Keeping Me From The Life I Want?

Recently I’ve made some big changes. Most of the summer I was pretty sedentary. I went from working on my feet most days to chilling with the kids, driving them to places, sitting, and doing housework. I tried to work in some swimming with them and some dancing, but for most of the summer I didn’t do a lot of exercise.

Since August 3rd, I’ve started walking. I’ve logged 33.5 miles in the 11 days I’ve walked.

Since August 1st, I’ve cut gluten out of my diet, in hopes that it’ll help my thyroid issues.

I’ve been eating fairly healthily since then. No late night Cheez-its. No mindless snacking on pretzels during the day. No bread. No pasta. No flour tortillas. No cookies. No pancakes, brownies, sandwiches, muffins… none of my husband’s homemade buttermilk biscuits.

My husband said to me “You’ll lose weight without gluten!”

You’d think so, right?

You’d think that between cutting out gluten AND walking 3-4 miles several times a week that I’d at LEAST lose a pound or two.


I understand you, Betty.

I understand you, Betty.

I don’t get it. My only vice right now is chocolate. I eat it every day.

Is that enough to KEEP me from losing weight?

Is that enough to screw with my metabolism?

I think I’m going to have to give up chocolate – at least for now.

What’s weird is I’ve had NO problem giving up Gluten. Maybe it’s because I am doing it for my health, not to lose weight.

Maybe if I have a legitimate health issue, I can give up chocolate.

I do wonder if I gave up chocolate (and maybe even sugar), would my headaches disappear? Would I feel less sluggish? Would I sleep better? Would I lose weight?

Or would I just look like this all the time?


Any opinions? Any first hand knowledge you’d like to share?




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  1. Get the hormones tested….When mine started going out of whack (peri-menopause) I couldn’t do anything to lose 5 lbs…. If it’s the hormones, everything about losing weight becomes so much more difficult. I eat chocolate every day too…so don’t think unless you are eating pounds of it, that would be the reason.

  2. BTW There is no thyroid in the area Betty has a band-aid; the screen director has to consult doctors before writing the script:)

  3. When I had my fine needle biopsy, I didn’t get a bandaid. 😛

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