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Why blog?

Why do people blog? Is it to share information? To connect with other people? To have a platform for practicing your writing? To hear yourself think?

I started blogging when my kids were little, partly so I could remember the cute things they did, partly to share parenting stories with other parents, partly to share these moments with friends and family. Here’s an excerpt from my first blog post in 2004:

“Despite making his sister a bird, he is patient, shares everything, and is very attentive with his sister. He lets her play with his most prized possessions, holds her hand, plays “Ashes Ashes” and runs around the house with her, laughing their heads off. I have to remember this when they’re teenagers, fighting over the phone or the car or the bathroom.”

I do have to say that although at least 50% of the time they argue, the other 50% is pretty good… so far, anyway. 🙂

this is a face that mostly her brother and I get to see. :P

this is a face that mostly her brother and I get to see. 😛

In that first blog I talk a lot about not only the cute stuff, but the minutia. The day to day of parenting, the adjustment to parenting two children, the trials of dealing with other moms who sometimes think they know best, or tell you outright what you’re doing isn’t as good as what someone else is doing. (No, I no longer subject myself to people like that.) The blog moved to topics of recovering from a scary visit to the hospital and adjusting to mothering 3 children, things I’m thankful for, and post-baby bodies.

 I was posting about my WW progress after having Maddie. Look at my camera! lol

I was posting about my WW progress after having Maddie. Look at my camera! lol

I left that blog and started a new one mostly for grandparents to check in on the kids without needing to read about my own trials and tribulations. At some point, I started blogging about knitting. Then I blogged about current events and did a “week in pictures” section, and a section where I’d review local places to take the kids.

milestones, like first sports teams

milestones, like first sports teams

I like to connect with people. In a world where we are all on our cell phones and hardly talk anymore, I often feel like the computer is the only real connection I get with most people. This makes me sad. When I’m actually in the company of other parents at school, I really enjoy it. I like talking to people – I’m an extrovert by nature – but I rarely see anyone over the summer. I hear about other people’s meals, outings, and even vacations with each other and can’t help but feel… unconnected. I know it’s something within myself that needs to reach out more, but if you aren’t sure the people you’re reaching out to will respond, it’s hard to make that first move.

I don’t pretend to think that everything I say is so important everyone should read it. I like to write and relate to people. If someone out there can relate to something I write, that’s great! If I can give someone some encouragement, or some ideas for taking the family on an outing, or review a product, or introduce them to a new tradition, then I feel my “job” as a blogger is done.



What do YOU blog about? Why do you blog?


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