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What Does Your House Say About You?

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When I was a kid, I lived in a tract. If you lived in Orange County, California, this will sound familiar. All of the houses resemble each other. There are maybe 5 or 6 models (some simply the same floor plan, mirrored) in several streets in the same little area.

An aerial shot of my old neighborhood.

An aerial shot of my old neighborhood.

Our current house was built in 1949, as were many of the houses in this neighborhood. There are stamps on the concrete sidewalk that establish that as well. Apparently an architect named Edward Fickett (according to Wikipedia) designed most of the homes in this area. While a lot of them look like 50s style Ranch houses, they don’t seem quite as cookie cutter as tract homes are these days. Perhaps it just doesn’t seem like it, since they’re older homes and people have most likely remodeled them over the years. While this sets the homes slightly more apart than a typical tract, the homes are still fairly homogenized. It’s hard to find too many homes in our immediate neighborhood that have a real personality. Our house, being a ranch house among a sea of ranch homes, has a few little touches. Like red trim. Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 3.10.59 PM   We also traded in our dying grass for native plants. I hope that says to passersby that we’re at least a little fun, and maybe conservation-conscious. Regardless how similar a lot of the homes are, I just need to walk up the street to find all kinds of home styles. Here are some of them I’ve seen on my morning walks this week. I wonder what the styles of the homes say about who lives inside the walls…


Longing for the East Coast? Or the beach, perhaps…


Pretty cool 1960s modern. I imagine they are hip people who enjoy a lot of light - look at those great windows!

Pretty cool 1960s modern. I imagine they are hip people who enjoy a lot of light – look at those great windows!


Fans of Colonial tradition, maybe.


“Brady Style” – maybe the dad (or mom) is an architect and they’ve got a ton of kids.


1920s Art-Deco – Someone who likes the old school version of modern homes?


Asian-inspired – perhaps these folks are serene.


Arts & Crafts traditional yet fun


Spanish – perhaps they long for vacations in Spain, complete with Sangria.

and of course… good old fashioned 1950s Ranch.

I like the vines on this one.

Us Ranch homes have to stick together… we get a bad rap.

What kind of neighborhood do you live in? What does your house say about you? ~Genevieve


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