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There’s Nothing Like a Party to Make You Clean Your House

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In the past, I’ve posted about how I’m not a great housekeeper/housewife. I was good for awhile. We had a housecleaner for awhile. She came once a month (or twice? I can’t remember it was so long ago). It was great for keeping me on my toes, because I had to keep things tidy so she could deep clean.

But, I opted to go to Disneyland instead of pay for a housekeeper and we never hired another one. I said I could do it by myself. I didn’t do such a great job.

This weekend, my daughter is having a few friends over to celebrate her very belated birthday. She only invited 4 girls and we’re taking them to an improv show and they’ll sleep over. So the house needs to be clean.

The worst room in the house has to be the girls’ room. Here’s a taste. They like to pile things up and leave it there and it seems to multiply on a daily basis. We are halfway done with their room, so it looks better now than it does in this photo, but still..

I can't believe I'm posting this photo.

I can’t believe I’m posting this photo.

Cleaning house is a big job. Especially when you’ve let things go for awhile. I figure that once I have everything the way I want it, it’ll be easier to keep it nice. Now that my kids are older, they can do more, which will also help. And I’ve let them know that I really want things to stay nice after this week.

To help myself, I have a little notebook, and I wrote a list of all the things I (we) need to do this week. Then I made a list of just the things I wanted to get done yesterday. I didn’t get them all done, and I worked almost all day.

I also have a list that Jen over at Jen but never Jenn posted. It’s a lot. It’s got 37 items on it. My list has 37 things for the week. Oy.


Just a taste of what needs to be done. Side note: The girls’ room has the longest list. 😛

How many did I do yesterday?

Eleven. And three of these were just making phone calls.

I did, however, get my kitchen nook area spic and span (it was covered with kids’ drawings, writings, crayons, clay, and various other crafts).

Look! My mom would be so proud! (I told the kids this needs to stay this way. Fingers crossed they will keep their crafts in the bins I’ve provided.)

The cook book belonged to me. I think it had been my mom's or grandma's.

The cook book belonged to me. I think it had been my mom’s or grandma’s.

So, today I hope to get at least 10 more things. If I do 10 things each day, then perhaps all I have to do Saturday is relax and make sure we have food for dinner and breakfast for the slumberers. (hahaha)

My ultimate goal is to have a house that is very near “company ready” at all times. Not perfect, but in a state where I won’t feel bad inviting people in for coffee, tea, or a visit.

Is YOUR house company ready?

Do you have any tips for keeping your house ready? I’d love to hear!!



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  1. lifesabanquet1

    Hi Genevieve! I’m Heather and I was wondering if you would be able to answer my quick question I have about your blog! Please email me whenever you get a free moment at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com 🙂

  2. Funny, my bedroom used to look like your girls’ room when I lived at home. My mom used to take photos too. She thought it would embarrass me and I’d clean it (it didn’t work). Brings back memories. I try to keep my house tidy and do a big clean every 2 or 3 weeks. It doesn’t always work. However it’s clean my house constantly or spend time with my daughter, I choose the latter…

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