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That Moment When You Realize Something Big

A lot is going on in my life right now. Next week, my second book comes out. I’m excited and nervous and am hoping it does well. I have a stack of postcards to bring around to local yarn shops and local bookstores and I “haven’t had time” to take them around. Partially because of late I usually have no more than an hour and forty-five minutes of time to get anything done, as I still go up to help my daughter with certain tasks up at school, and partially because I’m a little nervous to go around and introduce myself, asking people to trust that the book is good enough for people to buy and make their store money.

I know. I have issues.


I have so much to do and – I don’t know about you, but when I have TOO much to do, I get overwhelmed and feel helpless on how to even BEGIN to get it all done. Also, after another failed attempt at Botox injections for my headaches, I think I need to come to terms with the fact that I have to stop looking for external things to help me heal and instead look inward.

I need to find my Inner Zen.

I need to find my Inner Zen.

I think, if I can get a handle on the following things, I might start feeling better:

Get more sleep – 5-6 hours isn’t cutting it for me

Drink more water – I find myself realizing I’m incredibly thirsty after going several hours without anything but coffee.

Eat better – I need to do this for so many reasons. One is to help the headaches and one is to lose some weight.

Organize my life – I’ve recently had a few people tell me they don’t know how I do it all, keeping busy with all our activities, writing a book, volunteering in classrooms, teaching a class, etc. It’s easy – my house is a disaster. In fact, I’m not sure which is more neglected, my body or my house…. I think it’s actually my body/well-being this round.

Get regular exercise – this is huge. I think if I could carve out at LEAST 30 minutes a day to get physical it would make at least a little bit of difference.

Learn to Meditate – a friend of mine tells me she used to have headaches all the time til she learned to meditate. I’m not sure where I go to do this, but I think it’s something that would be good for me for all aspects of life.

So this week I’m committing to start on a path to change all of these things. It seems like a mountain to scale right now, looking at it all in front of me, but hopefully one step at a time without getting distracted by the minutia will get me to the top sooner than later.


Have you made a life-overhaul? If so, what helped you the most? I’d love to hear!!

Happy Monday!



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  1. hi genny! just read this and had to reply! of all the things you suggested, i would have to say the easiest to implement is to drink more water. my family calls me the water nazi. i encourage my whole family to drink a full glass of water when they wake up, at least a half a glass before EVERY meal, a small glass before bed and as much as possible throughout the day! (even more if your drinking alcohol or COFFEE!) simply put….your body needs it to DO EVERYTHING IT NEEDS TO DO! you WILL have more energy if you do this. and, when i can’t exercise…i just try to take a 30 minute brisk walk each day. both of these will help with your energy AND help you sleep better. i am in NO WAY a health nut, but i’m big on these things. good luck!
    with joy,

  2. I can relate to ALL of those! For fun, I am doing this 8 week “whole life challenge,” that requires drinking a ton of water so I started feeling up a jug early in the day and it helped me get it all in (most days) and 7 hours sleep (this SO important as you know). Its so tempting to stay up late because it is the only time you get to yourself, but try to go to bed…tell yourself you can rewarded with getting up early for quiet time and coffee 😛 Given up sugar, dairy, most wheat (for now) – does miracles for the brain fog and energy level. Next, is getting some exercise and meditating (both also part of the challenge). I am doing horrible on the challenge (its a points system) due to lack of exercise, but still feel much better. It has only been about 2 weeks. I totally understand the overwhelming feeling when so much is neglected! I would add one of the healthy habits above per week. House comes after you…try for a load a laundry/day and dishes. That’s enough! I hate dishes 😛 Good luck!

  3. Good luck with the new book, that’s super exciting. Too bad the botox didn’t work for the headaches, but at least it’ll help prevent you from getting wrinkles :). The things you list hopefully help with them, I think the water can really help and hopefully the exercise will as well. All the best!

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