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Oh Pinterest, You Cruel Mistress!

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I have to admit – I forget about Pinterest until I need something, or decide I don’t want to forget something I see on the internet. It’s probably a good thing, because I can get lost pinning things for quite sometime before I realize that I have been unproductive for far too long and my butt is falling asleep.

But today. Today I had a brilliant idea – I can pin photos of my own knit designs! What great marketing is THAT? RIGHT? (And also, why didn’t I think of that two years ago?!)

So, I head over to pinterest, create a new board, and pin ONE thing before I get this:

ImageNot cool, Pinterest. 😦

Oh, this one, too. I wonder who the guru is?


Not only can I not execute my brilliant plan (which I will most likely forget in a matter of hours), but I can’t just spend hours perusing and pinning recipes I will likely not ever make or ideas I won’t ever implement, but will have every intention to for at least a few days before I forget all about it again.

I’m assuming too many people were happily pinning when they broke the internet. Thousands, maybe millions of pinners everywhere cried out and were suddenly silenced.

Well, if it gets up and running within my small window of memory to actually do something on there, you can find my design board HERE.

And my whole page is HERE.

Do YOU pin? What do you pin?



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