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It’s the End of the School Year as we Know it.

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The beginning of the school year is so very different than the end. When the kids go back to school in the fall, it’s all about new backpacks, adjusting to new schedules, and wondering what your new teacher’s going to be like. There’s a lot of uncertainty, and some resistance. My kids actually really enjoy school – especially because that’s where they see their friends, but there’s always a little bit of hesitation at the start of homework and lessons.

For Mom, the beginning of the year is all about trying to get everyone ready, including myself. It’s making sure everyone has what they need to start their year, gets to bed on time, gets up on time, lunches are packed, breakfasts are made, and we make it off to school. It’s about PTA memberships and volunteering and supply lists and signing up for committees. I look toward school with equal parts trepidation and excitement as well. I love that the kids will be back to their routine, as will I. I love that I’ll get to see my mom friends, and the teachers we love. I love getting back into the classroom to work with the kids. I don’t love waking up early and the morning shuffle we do. I don’t love when the kids are exhausted and starving after a day of school.


The end of the year is totally different. It’s a countdown of how many days they have left til vacation. It’s no more homework. It’s no more rushing out the door and emptying their lunchboxes for me. It’s video games, tv, swimming, playing, relaxing, and road trips.

For Mom, it’s sleeping a little later, lazy mornings, less structure, more freedom. Mom’s done. She’s tired of the homework and the projects, the collections, the forms, the last-minute getting everything done. She’s ready for swimming lessons and fun dance classes and hanging out with the kids. It’s less rush-rush and more aaaaaah. It’s eating outside and going to parks and playdates and the big road trip we’ll take when Dad doesn’t have to be at work for two whole weeks. 

Yay, Summer!!

This guy is happy. No longer a 6th grader - he's ready for 7th grade!

This guy is happy. No longer a 6th grader – he’s ready for 7th grade!


My girls, done with 4th and 2nd grade.

My girls, done with 4th and 2nd grade.


Happy Summer, y’all!



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