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Cool Holiday Gifts – a Guide, of Sorts

I’ve been looking at some crazy catalogs that have shown up in my mailbox and have found some really crazy, fun gifts that are good for almost anyone!

WHO doesn’t need a rowboat salad bowl? The spoons are oars – genius!

This rowboat salad bowl can be found at Uncommon Goods.

Another fun one from Uncommon Goods –

It LOOKS like a plastic ziplock bag, but it’s NOT.

Do you have a friend who loves the 80s? Or longs for the days when he or she was a breakdancer on a piece of cardboard on the sidewalk? THIS is the gift!

Ghetto Blaster bag. Sweet!

That awesome bag can be found at Plasticland.

Also at Plasticland, something that can be really helpful in the future…

I know LOTS of people who would love this.

For kids AND grown-ups at mealtime, this might help keep everyone from being “bored” at the table.

      Play with your food!!

For both her and him. 🙂

Those fun plates can be found at Exploratorium.

All of those websites above have LOTS of gift ideas for ALL ages – I’m not being paid for this, I just love these websites!

Of course, if you have a knitter on your list, these two books are fabulous ideas! 😀

Hey, I think I know the author!

Vampire Knits can be found on Amazon and most big bookstores.

And for the nerds in the world…

Lots of fun projects in here – including a few from yours truly.

Also, found on Amazon and most big bookstores.


Have a favorite place to shop for gifts? Please leave a comment and a link!!






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