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Two TV Shows To Watch During The Winter Break

So, I have some recommendations for some tv watching if you haven’t watched much tv lately or don’t know what’s on that’s good. There are a few weeks with no new episodes coming up, so you can go on Hulu, Netflix,  or itunes and do some catching up.

1. Once Upon A Time


If you love fairy tales, sci fi, or fantasy, this is the show for you! While the green screen special effects aren’t top notch, the story writing and acting are great! If you’re okay with new twists on old stories, and seeing storybook characters in the “real world” – this is the show for you! It’s in it’s second season, so you can go to Hulu and catch up. It may take you awhile, but you can always do what I did with LOST – watch as many as possible and then catch up midseason!


2. Scandal


For some reason, the commercials that ABC aired before this show premiered last spring really turned me off. I don’t know why. But, I tuned in once after my beloved Vampire Diaries was finished and I still needed to knit. I was sucked in, but it was the 4th episode, so I needed to start from the beginning. I love this show and it frustrates me like nothing else! I am rooting for a couple to be together that for all intents and purposes shouldn’t be together. I find myself torn between “good guys” and “bad guys” and the lines are blurred all around.

There were only 7 episodes for the first season and there have been 7 this season so far (and one more this Thursday) so I have every confidence in you that you can catch up before new episodes air in January.

The chemistry that these two have is seriously ridiculous.



There are my recommendations. Both fabulous, very different shows.

Back to the needles and yarn!



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