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A Galaxy Far, Far Away… In Beverly Hills

Today, we left the familiarity of our little San Gabriel Valley bubble and headed West, toward the ritz and glamour of Beverly HIlls. What brought us there?

5 years ago, we went to a Star Wars convention and saw a hilarious and clever show called, “Star Wars In 30 Minutes.” A group of actors reenacted the entire original trilogy in 30 minutes. We loved it, and laughed so hard! We’ve been hoping to see it again sometime, so when I heard they were adding the prequels, we HAD to go!

I wanted to do something fun, so I borrowed my friend Caroline’s idea and asked my girl to help me with a manicure.

Our handiwork

So, we piled in the minivan and headed West. Sometimes, if I’ve been away from the West side for awhile, I forget how long it takes to get from one place to another. I forget that there’s going to be traffic, and I forget that there are at least twice as many people on the road as where we are in our little bubble.

L.A. traffic

It could have been worse, honestly. We only hit it on the 101 and the 405.

We got into the land of Dylan and Brandon without much time to eat lunch, so we spotted a Subway and hopped in.

Wayne, decked out in his Stormtrooper shirt. (And it turns out he and Apolo Ohno are in the photo together.)

Lots of palm trees in the Bev, and Neiman Marcus.

I even had one of my shirts on.

When we got there, there were a lot more people than I realized. I guess I thought that it would be a small group who was “in the know” about this supercool underground show. But, there was a good sized crowd there. There were a few costumed characters and a Yoda puppet.

I *think* she’s supposed to be Zam Wessel, but I’m not entirely sure.

A Jedi greeted us at the door to the theater.

Ready for the show – 2nd row.

The famous battle between Darth Vader and Ben Kenobe

It’s amazing how they can squeeze in 6 movies in 60 minutes, and even managed to do a special 30-second version.

I haven’t laughed this yard in a LONG time! It was GREAT!!

They have one more weekend of shows, before they take it on the road to the next Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida at the end of the month.

If you want to see them next week, go HERE and book your tickets! You won’t regret it!


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