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Finding Motivation

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I’ve had a lot of excuses for not exercising lately.

I don’t want to workout when we have workers at the house.

I have too much work to do!

I can’t exercise when the kids’ friends are over.

It’s too hot.

I can’t exercise after my allergy shots. (This one is legit, but I just have to wait a few hours.)

This morning I was going to exercise before shots and playdates, and then I realized that if I didn’t clean up a bit before leaving the house, I’d really regret it. So I won’t be able to exercise  til later in the afternoon.

And as the excuses pile up, all I can think of is the Olympic athletes, who most likely NEVER say that it’s too anything to workout. They just simply know they have to do it.

Especially Oscar Pistorius. Don’t know who he is?

Go Here. Then Google his name and you’ll read articles about him and you’ll be impressed. Amazed. Inspired.

From what I can see from his tweets and photos, he can get some nasty blisters on his legs from the blades. Yet, he still runs. He could easily say, “Forget it!” But he doesn’t.

So, while I’m not an athlete, and not trying to do something spectacular, the simple fact is I need to stop making excuses.

Feel free to hold me to it and ask me if I’m living up to my promise.

And feel free to chastise me if I fail.

Because at the very least, I’d like to look good (and fit) in these jeans.


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