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Week In Pictures – Foreign Food, Deadlines, Remodels, Science, and Music

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Last week we kept ourselves busy with the usual – swimming lessons, tap, and piano, but we also tried different foods, watched the Olympics, visited a museum, went swimming with friends, had our bathroom worked on, and I sent in the first bits of the next book. We also went to our first Hollywood Bowl concert of the summer. It was a pretty good week.

Gracie, feeding Maddie a bite of ice cream with her sample spoon.

My prototype for the red riding hood in the new book.


On Tuesday, I asked one of my daughters to take a photo of the scarf I wore ON MY HEAD so I could send it to the publisher. I did not crop this photo.

While Gracie was taking photos for me, Sean helped Maddie make a “stand” – a food stand, apparently. She’s taking his order.

“How may I serve you today?”

From her perspective

Backyard Bounty – my view from our steps in the backyard looking up.

There was also a bit of backyard gymnastics, inspired by the Olympics.

Fish & Chips for England

My girl, gettin’ dirty outside, just like she used to as a toddler.

Another trip to the library


Chicken with 40 cloves for France.

Maddie on a tortoise, California Science Center

The boys, testing out a hands-on experiment.

The girls, trying to “lift up” a truck outside the science center.

The truck.

The boys attempting to lift the truck, closer to the truck on the lever, so it’s 4x harder than for the girls.

After the museum we went swimming at our friends’ house. It was lovely. The kids did a copycat jumping/diving game. Here’s Gracie, mid-jump.

Then, they raced.

and raced.

And relaxed.

We got home in time for dinner, and took a peek at the progress of the bathroom.

On Saturday I got good news for my insurance that I’m approved for the botox injections for my chronic headaches. I can’t express how hopeful this makes me!

And on Sunday, we went to the Hollywood Bowl. We brought sandwiches and chocolate fondue.

Pixar in concert was amazing. I laughed. I cried. And the kids stayed awake the ENTIRE show, which is a first!


What’s on deck for your week? I hope it’s amazing!!


























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