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Local Color – California Science Center

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Local Color – California Science Center

We are having our bathroom and laundry room remodeled. On Friday, the plumbers and the electricians came to work, which meant that the electricity and the water would be shut off for several hours. Having 3 kids in the house and one friend coming over, this did not bode well for us. So, I decided it would be a great time to get out of the house and go somewhere fun. The destination? California Science Center!

Outside the museum, looking at a cool jet.

The building itself is pretty cool.

Space capsule that came down to earth. It fits 3 astronauts and they’re all sitting upside down.

The girls decided the silver training suit was a “girl’s” suit, mostly because it looks just like their Barbie suit.

Manly men in front of the “real” suit.

The 3 big kids went into a motion simulator ride through the planets.

Maddie and I sat this one out.

The girls, talking to each other through a tube, while the boys act silly.

Listening to ambient noise aka “music”

The girls and I on tv.

We explored the ecosystems area. They had an extreme climates area, the poles, the desert, the rocky shores, the ocean, island, rivers, and more. We saw *almost* all of them before we dropped from hunger.

Seeing what it’s like to pick up food with a beak, in the island ecosystem

Touching the wall of ice

I don’t blame them for being worried about Maddie’s driving. 🙂

We visited a few more areas of the museum after lunch. All in all we saw how parts of the body work – including the demonstration with “Tess” the 50-foot woman, the ecosystems, the space section, the Creative world where the kids built stuff and played and experimented. We opted out of the Cleopatra exhibit and Imax this time around. The science center is free ($10 parking), but the Imax and Cleopatra exhibit cost money. We had plenty to see, though. Had we left earlier, we probably would have seen one of the Imax movies, but we opted to go back to our friends’ house to SWIM!! It was the perfect weather for it, and we ended up hitting L.A. traffic on our way home, so it worked out fine.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, I definitely recommend the Science Center for an outing!


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