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Eating Around The World for the Olympics

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We like food at our house, and we often eat all different types of food. During the Olympics, we’re taking the opportunity to try and eat food representing a different country each night.

Sometimes this means making something familiar. Sometimes it means trying something completely new. The goal is not only to eat well, but to expose the kids to all different types of food and culture.

The first night of the Olympics – Opening Ceremonies night – we had Greek food. I thought my husband hit the nail on the head with this one, since Greece was the first place the Olympics was held, after all.

We didn’t cook it, however. We left it to the professionals.

Greek “pizza”

Greek salad… yum!

Gyro meat, kebabs, pita, hummus, and… french fries. lol



Saturday we had Tandoori chicken and Naan. And sadly, I failed to take a photo of the deliciousness. We marinated and grilled the chicken, and I made homemade cucumber raita – it was delicious! (Side note – I also made my first mojito, which isn’t exactly Indian, but was sooo good!) I guess you’ll have to trust me! 🙂

Sunday was a bit of a crazy night. I attended a party and my husband was working on our construction project. When I came home, I fixed an old standard – pasta. Sadly, I didn’t take any photos. But, we did eat Italian.

Monday night we had Chinese food. Wayne found a recipe for Mongolian beef 0 so he was in charge of that. I cooked up some premade potstickers for an appetizer, and made my specialty fried rice.

Mongolian beef & fried rice – looks kind of like a monster.



Last night, we had pizza. I suppose you could either call this Italian food or American food. Either way, it was on a memorable night for American Olympians – the women’s gymnastic team got the gold (and made me cry) and Michael Phelps got his 19th medal. Congratulations!!

My take on homemade pizza for Wayne and I – pesto sauce, cheese, tomatoes, & basil.

This morning we had French croissants. 🙂

I’m still trying to plan the rest of the meals. I think we’ll be visiting Germany, France, and Spain among others!

Are we the only ones doing this? What’s your favorite “ethnic” recipe?



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