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Week in Pictures – 7/22/12

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This week has been interesting. We started out at a Dodger game, demolished our bathroom and laundry room, went to Temecula, swam, went to a museum, did laundry outside, the kids were introduced to The Monkees, we celebrated a wedding shower for my cousin, Erin, and I started a new exercise program.

Heading up to the clubhouse

My mom’s favorite Dodger

My favorite Dodger

Lunch with a view

Our bathroom rubble

The Children’s section of the Temecula library.

Looking at the mural in the library lobby.


I went through old photos at my parents house and found this gem – me on my 10th birthday, wearing my beloved Andy Gibb shirt and holding Fluffy, my hamster.

Gracie, examining tiny bones at the Western Science Center.

“Your final mile is our first priority.” Sounds like they’re going to either bury you or help with your funeral plans, doesn’t it?

On Saturday, the women of our family got together for a bridal shower for my lovely cousin Erin.

Cousins & friends

The bride, opening gifts

Jessica, making the best with what few bows she had for the bouquet. Too many giftbags these days. πŸ™‚

All the ladies of our generation that were present.

The bride & groom. Sean was great and made a champagne run during the party.

Great end to a great week. Can’t wait for the wedding – that’s gonna be a party!

The workout I’m doing is a series of several DVDs that incorporate dance, yoga, and ballet. I’ve done 2 workouts and am SORE. I hope to be able to show some befores & afters in a few weeks.

Til then – have a great week!


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