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Tea Time (when American kids get whiff of a foreign tradition)

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The other day the kids and I went to a friend’s house. Aside from discussing design ideas, it was just around the 4 o’clock hour, so Dianna’s kids decided to serve us high tea.

This was a strange idea to my kids. The only one of my kids who has had “tea” is my middle child, but she’d never been served by an 11-year-old, and she’d never had crumpets.

Ben, dressed up and serving tea.

Crumpets, arranged very prettily.

Sean, looking forward to this new tradition.

The girls.

Maddie’s first taste of Earl Grey

Pinkies up!

The kids, though not super crazy about the taste of tea in general, enjoyed the experience, even the formality of it. They also discovered they like crumpets! So, the following day, just as we were thinking of heading to the library, the girls asked, “What about TEA?!”

So, we dug out our teacups, I got down my Irish tea set, and we set out to have a high tea of our own.

This set was my grandmothers, and I cherish it because my grandfather was very tied to our Irish heritage.

Sean, trying to describe the flavor of the tea (it was pineapple & blueberry)

Maddie’s now got the “pinky up” down!

Our addition was strawberries, which taste wonderful with powdered sugar!

It may not be a tradition we keep with daily, but it sure is fun to do every now and then! Thanks to Dianna and kids for getting my kids interested in a fun new tradition!




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