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Small Town Independence Day

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Yesterday we celebrated the 4th of July in our very own Mayberry, aka Sierra Madre, CA. Every year they have a parade through town which, according to some “half the town watches and the other half march.”

The last few years, we’ve been on vacation during the 4th and weren’t able to make it. THIS year, my daughters would be marching with their Girl Scout troops, and I tagged along, leaving the boys to watch the parade.

Here are some of the highlights from the day.

Two cute Brownies, waiting for the parade to start.

Father Richard, ready to ride the parade on his motorcycle.

Fellow thespians – the Children’s Theatre group in town. (Note: The Scarecrow and Frog Princess were my scene partners in acting class last year.)

The mob of parade participants, getting into place.

Who’s ready for the parade? Gracie is!!

Some veterans at the front of the parade. Not a 4th of July party without them.

A rare glimpse at a Rose Parade float “in progress.”

My husband took this photo and I just thought it was cute.

Ladies Liberty

The Search & Rescue team has been very busy lately. Special shout-out to Roberto Crespo and the rest of the team!

The strange but true – Unknown Band

Now THAT’s a bicycle!

One Boy Scout group walked with an enormous flag.


Maddie found Sean and Daddy! She’s passing out candy to her brother, and other kids along the route.

What Sean and Wayne saw – Gracie waving and us coming toward them.


We made it! The end of the parade.

3 tired girls, 3.5 hours after we walked over to the staging area, waiting to be picked up by the boys.

Those that hung out at the end of the parade got a chance to cool off, thanks to the fire department!

I hope everyone had a great holiday yesterday, filled with family and friends.






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  1. Your little girl scouts are so cute! I remember loving being a brownie and marching in parades with my troop 🙂


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