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Week In Pictures – 7/1/12

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Summer is proving to be part work, part lazy, part lessons, part relaxation. I’ve been working without a schedule of any kind, and I’ve had a hard time getting myself into “work” mode. That’s a dangerous thing when there’s a deadline looming in my near future! So, I sat down yesterday and clicked on my “ical” icon and typed up a schedule for myself. When to check the computer, when to work, when to read, when to play, when to go to the library…. the only thing I didn’t put on the schedule is bodily functions and meals. 😛

Today is Day One of my schedule. Let’s see how it goes!

In the meantime, since I’ve only got 5 minutes left of my morning computer time, here are some photos from the last week.

Maddie’s tooth has been “wiggly” for weeks!

She finally lost it!

Maddie came into the neurologists office with me. She had fun naming all the body parts with her little headless friend.

My reading for the next few weeks.

3 girls turning a stump into a house.

Grace and Sean, reading while waiting to see if my first allergy shots cause a reaction.

Maddie, taking a moment to watch her brother and sister play before she joins them.

Delicious chile relleno at CPK… one of the lowest cal things on the menu.


Father son time.

How my kids watch movies.

C-3PO, the hippie.


Wish me luck on my schedule!! Send productive vibes!!

What do you do to keep  yourself on track during lazy summer days?


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