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Where’s My Maid? (Back to reality after a vacation)

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Well, for 4 days someone else cleaned the bathroom and made the beds. For 4 days, I didn’t have to clean or do laundry. For 4 days, if I called a number, food appeared in minutes. It was lovely. I never had to wash dishes, or cook.

Room Service Breakfast

Now we’re home again.

I have to wash all the laundry from vacation AND that was already here at home. There are toys all over the girls’ room AND the family room. I have to change sheets and vacuum. I have to go to the grocery to stock up, and I have to plan meals and cook. I have to do dishes. I have to start up again with eating more sensibly and working off the couple of pounds I managed to gain on vacation.

Wine tasting

Tomorrow we’re back to our regularly scheduled program of planned playdates, swimming lessons, piano practice, and all that comes with raising 3 kids in the summer. No more luxurious days of swimming when we want to, even if it’s 6pm.

Well, it was lovely for 4 days anyway.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad to be home. I WANT playdates and swimming lessons, dance classes and piano lessons. I WANT to hang out at home and cook fresh meals and get my health on. It’s just hard getting kickstarted, as anyone who’s ever been on vacation can attest to.

I suppose a good first step would be to finish this post and switch out the laundry and make my grocery list.

Happy Sunday, everyone!



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