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Monsters Have Invaded My House!

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My house has been invaded by monsters, of late. Tiny little beautiful, creepy monsters.

“Frankie” Stein and Draculaura

These are called “Monster High” dolls, and while they’re not completely new to the world, they’re new to my girls. They’re their new favorite things.  The story is they’re supposedly daughters of famous monsters. Dracula’s daughter, “Draculaura” is 1600 years old. Frankenstein’s daughter, “Frankie” on the other hand, is only 15 days old (well, how else are 2 raised from the dead, made of other corpses folks going to have a child? Doc has to make one, of course).

There are several. The Mummy has two daughters, Cleo and Nefara. The Creature from the Black Lagoon has a daughter. Dr. Jekyll has two sons (or, is it one son who has a dual nature?), Jackson Jekyll and Holt Hyde. The Wolfman was pretty fertile – he has two daughters and a son.

Operetta, daughter of The Phantom of the Opera, and Ghoulia, daughter of zombies.

Our house is becoming fast filled with these dolls, and I’m not helping matters. I find myself looking on eBay for dolls that they aren’t selling anymore.

eBay is sucking me in…

I know. This is my M.O. It’s really quite ridiculous, and not the first time I’ve scoured eBay for toys for my kids.

And some of you might be thinking that these dolls are nothing more than glorified Barbies – or worse, Bratz- and why on earth would I buy them for my girls. What kind of message am I sending them by allowing them to play with such unrealistic standards of body size and beauty?


Me and the man, my first day as a Studio Guide.

I’ve liked monsters for quite some time now. Working at Universal Studios gave me a new affinity for Drac, Mummy, Wolfman, and of course, Frankie. And, I’m a BIG fan of Alfred Hitchcock.

Plus, as you probably are very aware….

Eddie and me

I like vampires. (So much so, that I wrote a book.)

My son, with the new occupants in our house, has become more interested in vampires. He’s had a thing for zombies for a couple of years, but as I type this, he’s.. well, you can see for yourself…

Atta boy!

So, I’m okay with monsters. Maybe I’m crazy. Maybe I’m raising a bunch of weirdos. But I’m okay with it.




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