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Every Mom’s A Full-Time Mom

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I was reading an article recently that focused on a few women. I can’t remember if it was a spotlight on their fitness habits, or what they did to turn their lives around, or what. That doesn’t really matter to the story. What stood out to me was how they labeled the women.

“Jane is a CEO of her own company.”

“Mary works part time at a blah blah.”

“Sally is a full-time mom.”

Um, what? That sentence struck me as so odd. Aren’t ALL moms full-time moms? Are there any part-time moms out there that I don’t know about?

This is the kind of stuff that makes me crazy. The “Mommy Wars” and all that. If they mean she’s a stay-at-home mom, then write it. Although that’s not really accurate either. I don’t know any stay-at-home moms that simply stay at home. They’re taking kids places, volunteering in classrooms, chauffering kids to afterschool activities, and sometimes even teaching school in their own homes.

Then there are the work-from-home moms. They run a business or freelance from home. (I suppose I could categorize myself in this slot, since my book and knitting are the work I do, but I normally tell people I’m a stay-at-home mom. Mostly because I’m not running a business every day and the work I do isn’t consistent every year.) Are the work-at-home moms not full-time moms, too? These ladies are doing a bit of double duty- sometimes working with their kids on their lap. Or they try to fit their work in while kids are at school so they can be present for them when they get home. How is that not being a full-time mom?

What about the women who work outside the home everyday? You can’t tell me these women aren’t full-time moms. They work outside the home to make money for their family, and are a good example to their kids of what a working mom looks like. I can guarantee they don’t stop being a mom once they get to work. Who gets the phone calls from the school when they’re sick? Who schedules all the doctor appointments and afterschool activities? And most of them still come home and cook dinner for the family, spend time with the kids as much as they can, and clean the house. If that’s not being a full-time mom, what is?

from Wikimedia Commons

What about divorced moms? Just because their husband has custody part of the time doesn’t mean that when it’s not “her time” with the kids that she stops being a mom.

Single moms, either by choice or by circumstance, widowed moms, teenage moms, gay moms, straight moms, ALL moms are full-time moms.


Wouldn’t you agree?


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  1. Cara Guillaume

    I love this post and it’s encouraging to read as I am young mom of one, soon to be a young mom of two, and currently in the decision making process of what to do/or not do next. I’m still a mom no matter what I choose and even I needed to hear that.

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