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Week(s) in Pictures (5/21-6/9)

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I was going to do a “Week in Pictures” but I haven’t done one in ages, so I’ll do a few weeks together.

Grace, playing “Prince Cicada” in her fractured fairytale.

Gracie, helping Maddie’s troop with their Bridging Ceremony.

Maddie, bridging to a Brownie.

Maddie chose to say her pledge with her sister. Two Brownies.

Bits of knitting the 3rd graders had done.

What happened when I put them together, with 2 bigger squares Grace and I had knit.

Open House

Homemade bow (no arrow).

New door. No more drafts.

Sean, post-swim at the 5th grade pool party.

Maddie in rehearsal for “Mr. Moose’s Journey to Mars.”

The birthday girl.

Cooling off on a hot day.

Sean, ready for the promotion ceremony.

I can hardly believe I have a middle schooler now.

Hopefully a face tattoo isn’t something she’d actually do some day.

Last moments as a Brownie

Gracie, getting her Jr. vest.

One Brownie, One Junior

And now it’s officially Summer Break. We’ve still got things to do, like a few rehearsals, a dance show, Father’s Day. Then it’s playdates, barbecues, and lazy days (well, lazy for the kids… I have a book to write!).


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