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Itchy, Itchy, Itchy

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So, this week I spent three mornings lying face down on a doctor’s bed with welts all over my back. I was being tested for allergies.

Though I went through this process at the age of 10, I’m doing it again to find out if I’m allergic to any foods, and to see if I can get some relief and maybe along the way, some of this will help with my daily headaches.

So, before I even walked in the door, I stopped taking my antihistamines for a few weeks. Originally I was going to be tested last week, but after Gracie had her surgery, I (rightfully) figured that I should postpone the tests for a week.

Monday I went in. The first thing the nurse did was test to see if I would get a reaction, so they did a “control” test on my arm.

What starts out as little drops of solution…

Can turn into big welts if I’m allergic.

Next step – test on my back.

The before – my back before any reaction, any marks, any solutions.

Now, what they do is take little teeny vials with needles inside. The nurse takes the vial and presses down on my back and the needle pokes me, and releases the solution inside. If I’m allergic, a welt develops, it gets red, and it ITCHES LIKE CRAZY.

Most of these are grasses, some trees. I think the big one is CAT.

The other thing they did on Monday was some under-the-skin testing.

This is dust, dust mites, and dog – maybe some weeds, too. Gross. The nurse was surprised at how much I bled. blech

Tuesday I got a break, but I went back Wednesday. On the menu for Wednesday was more grasses and trees.

Here was my view for 3 days.

Yeah, fascinating. Thankfully I had my iphone and some fairy tales with me for entertainment.

I was WAY itchier this session. To the point of distraction.

Because I had such a bad reaction to the grasses and trees, the nurse had pity on me and saved the last under-the-skin tests for Friday.

Day 3:

Trying not to think about the itching going on behind me.

Today wasn’t so bad. Only one big area was miserable – the grasses.

Fortunately I’m not allergic to any foods. We also did the under-the-skin testing, but it wasn’t horrible, thank goodness.

Afterwards, I was so excited to be able to take an antihistamine to stop the itching, I got a little overzealous! I took 2 of my usual Chlor-Trimeton. That was a bad idea, since I’d been off the meds for 3 weeks. I still feel a bit drunk, and it’s been several hours.

The next step is to go over my results and decide on the treatment.

If anyone out there needs allergy testing, there it is. It wasn’t pleasant, but it wasn’t horrible, and hopefully I can find some relief!


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