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Week In Pictures (from hospitals to baby showers)

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It was a busy week. It started last Thursday, actually, with Gracie’s visit to the E.R. and ended yesterday with a lovely baby shower for my cousin Kristin, given by my lovely mother. In between there were bits and bobs and a jog-a-thon.


In the waiting room.

Gracie, reading the cards her classmates made her, just after surgery.

Gracie’s new favorite dolls – MONSTERS!!

My link to the outside world for a few days.

Best big brother!

Crazy girl

Maddie at the jog-a-thon. I ran behind her, but she was on fire.

Grace couldn’t run, so her teacher had her mark laps for her classmates.

Sean’s the jogger in the red shirt and nikes.

The boy who melts my heart, playing cards with friends at recess.

Celebrating May the 4th (be with you) by watching Star Wars and eating pizza in the living room.

The blanket I finished for my cousin Kristin – just in time for her baby shower.

Shower favors

Cute cousins

Cute homemade onesies hanging to dry.

Baby Stephany and I, looking at the baby in my phone.

Kristin and the presents!

It was a good week in the end. It started out pretty rotten, but ended up pretty good, if I do say so myself. This upcoming week has 3 days of allergy testing for me, the delivery of our fundraiser items, Teacher Appreciation week, a few field trips, some knitting with 3rd graders, and Mother’s Day.

Happy Sunday folks!



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