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L.A., Books, Ice Cream, and Sunshine

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Today, the family spent a day outside at the L.A. Times Festival of Books. Last year, the girls and I headed down and I blogged about it HERE.

This year, we roamed around, not looking for anything specific (except for our friend Dwayne), but exploring, and seeing what was there. Here’s the day, in pictures.

We parked at the Shrine, where the Oscars used to be held.

This jacket was just amazing.

Our lunch. Not bad.


Cool posters

YARNBOMBING!!!! Wish I could take credit for it, but I can't.

I had to take a pic of this book, because, well... how could I not?

Got to visit with our friend Dwayne, a.k.a. Mr. Fish, which is always great.




We went to a local ice cream shop on the way home, but

Gracie enjoying a hot fudge sundae

Rocky Road

Cook-Cook-Cookie Dough

Something my husband loves that makes my stomach turn - orange soda and vanilla ice cream. `shiver`

We ended the night with dinner outside on the patio, which was lovely. Sangria may have been involved. And a few rounds of “Just Dance” which is always fun, and sometimes hilarious.

A lovely spring day in L.A. for the books.


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  1. I know Dwayne was happy to see you all!! I miss going to the book festival … and seeing you all! xoxox

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