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Another Day, Another Doctor

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In my quest to rid myself of headaches, I sought another doctor’s help today. My neurologist has sent me to an allergist in the hopes of finding out if I’m allergic to some foods that might be causing me distress. Knowing that I have allergies anyway, I figured I was probably long past due for an appointment with such a doctor, so today I had my appointment.

After filling out paperwork and answering LOTS of questions about symptoms and background, a few things were decided.

1. I need to be tested. I was tested when I was a child, but it’s been a LOOOONG time. They’re going to run a battery of tests on me that will take 3 days spread out over a week’s time, during which I have to be free from any antihistamine in my system.

2. My sinuses are enflamed and I have a tendency toward breathing issues when near certain allergens, so I’m going to start taking something called Singulair – something which should help both.

3. I’m to start using a nasal moisturizing spray AND a spray called Nasonex 2x a day. I can take these and the Singulair while the testing is going on.

Hopefully this will help, and we’ll figure out if these things are contributing to my headaches, which it seems that they just might be.

She explained how the histamines are being attacked by the – wait for it- ANTI-histamine (makes sense, doesn’t it?), but there are other things (icky things with names I’ve since forgotten) that still agitate my sinuses and passageways. Apparently the things she gave me today will help with those.

She showed me little booklets to illustrate the point, and I snapped photos of them while she wrote down my instructions.

Here is an illustration of the inside of our heads on a normal day, without any allergic irritation.

These are your sinuses from the side.

Healthy, "normal" sinuses.

This is what my sinuses look like almost all the time right now, apparently. Yummy!

Drip, Drip

And again, from the side – warning. This one’s the worst.

So gross.

So, that’s what’s going on inside my face. Awesome.

And now, for anyone who’s counting, I’m on…

6 oral medications, and 2 nasal medications …

I can’t wait for those scratch tests! I’m sure I’ll be posting about those! Stay tuned!!

Hopefully tomorrow’s post will be far less grody and much more … well, anything but dripping with snot would be better, no?


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