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My Quest For Cute Shoes

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I’ve talked before about how shoe shopping isn’t really my thing. I’m no Carrie Bradshaw.

But, I do need to wear shoes, and I like my shoes to look good with what I’m wearing. I also like to be comfortable. I learned long ago that comfort is key. I remember being in jr. high school wearing boat shoes (I think we called them Topsiders then) and the stitching hit precisely where my toe “knuckle” was. These days, I have a bunion there on my right foot and anything that hits me right there is just PAINFUL and brings back memories of those awful shoes.

Just looking at that shoe makes my foot hurt. *shiver*

So, I’ve done a bit more shoe shopping in the last few years. I bought cute shoes for Comic Con:

and these:

These flats are what’s killing me now. They are SOOOOOO comfy, and I have worn them so much, they literally have holes in them, I’m embarrassed to say. I’ve been on a mission to find another cute pair of flats that are just as comfy, but cute, too. I have had ZERO luck.

That’s not true. I *almost* had luck. I found these shoes:

I found them at DSW for a semi-reasonable price, but they were about a 1/2 size too small. I bought them, hoping they’d stretch, but I just wasn’t that confident that they would, so I returned them yesterday and bought these:

in black. And they’re really comfy, but not as cute. So, I don’t know if I’ll keep them.

In the grand scheme of life I realize this is a RIDICULOUS problem to even have. I realize I shouldn’t even spend 5 minutes thinking about something so silly. But it is what it is. I want my feet to be a) covered and b) comfortable and if I can also get c) cute in there, that’s awesome.

So tell me folks – where do you buy your shoes? Have any tips on cute comfy shoes? Help a gal out! 🙂


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  1. I don’t know where in the world you are but marks&spencer in the UK do a ‘footglove’ range that I found really comfy but still stylish.

  2. I love Born, Doc Martens (yes, I know–I’m hopelessly stuck in the 90s), and these Rialto Comfort clog thingies:

    They’re soooo comfy, and I have them in black and brown.

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