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Buy One – Get One Free!

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This week wasn’t terribly exciting in terms of going places or doing things, but I still took pictures. I’m going to start backwards, with a photo of my youngest. I took this picture this morning. She was shouting, “Buy one, get one free!” I’m still not entirely sure what she was selling, except that there were tickets, and she had a storefront.

On Friday, I took my middle to the doctor. She kept herself busy reading Fairy Tales on my kindle. I caught her mid-cough. (I think it’s adorable that her tongue curls when she coughs.)

Friday afternoon, I thought we all deserved a treat. Especially after getting stuck in traffic.

Thursday, we convinced Maddie to lay on the tree stump to see if it was bigger than she was. It was one of the casualties of the windstorm last Winter.

A rare photo of me, taken by my youngest on Monday, outside of Starbucks.

Sometimes we wear hats. Sometimes those hats are from a book that Mama wrote. Sometimes those hats are unfinished, but we wear them anyway.

The last photos are of my boy and I wearing our hoodies. I should have gotten a photo of my husband, who came home soaking wet from the rain, in his hoodie.


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  1. robinandamelia

    Love the photos!

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