Sometimes I Take Pictures With Something Other Than My Phone

Sometimes I Take Pictures With Something Other Than My Phone

I used to take pictures with a camera. You remember those things… they come with a strap and have a lens and a button on top. You can zoom in and zoom out. Sometimes you can even change settings – or if you’re more sophisticated, you can change lenses! Some even come with (gasp) FILM! (my children have no idea what film is)

My first camera was a little like this.

Then when I was in 8th or 9th grade I got a supercool… wait for it…

Sweet, sweet Disc Camera! I took some pretty rad pictures with that disc camera. The great thing about the disc camera is how small it was.

Our family also had various Polaroid cameras.

How much fun was it to shake the picture while you waited for the image to magically appear? SO MUCH FUN!

I’ve had several cameras since then, much better quality, but lately all I’ve used for most things is not even a camera – it’s a phone. Kind of a sad statement about society. I always forget to drop my camera in my purse, but I always have my phone, and I can take photos so easily with my phone. The only problem is that the quality isn’t quite as good as a real camera.

So, I’m trying. I’m trying to be better.

And I’m trying to remember to get my photos DEVELOPED. I realized I have BOXES and boxes of Sean’s baby pictures and photos of him as a toddler. Guess how many I have of the girls? Not very many. I was doing okay and ordering them at Shutterfly, but since everything’s digital, and I take SO many photos all the time, I get overwhelmed and then don’t know where to start. So, I’m trying to do better. I suppose you can add it to my resolutions – start getting photos developed!

I started today by ordering a bunch from the last year. I’ll surprise a few moms I know by handing them photos of their daughters on the FIRST day of school (which was 4 months ago). But hey, it’s a start, right? (I had to start somewhere… I couldn’t bear to start all the way back to when Maddie was a toddler, but I’ll get there eventually.)

The other thing I did while ordering photos is order some cute thank you cards. How cute are these?

3×5 Folded Card
View the entire collection of cards.

And, after “missing” my good camera for months, my wonderful husband found it in his quest to rid the dining room of clutter! Now I have no excuse for using my phone every time I take photos. Don’t get me wrong- I’ll still use the phone. I love taking Instagram photos and fun kitschy vintage style photos, and quick I-don’t-have-time-to-whip-out-the-regular-camera-and-take-off-the-lens-cap-and-change-the-setting type photos. But when I want to take good photos of my beautiful kids, I can use the good one.

Here’s to more photos, better photos, and maybe more boxes of photos, for 2012!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I Take Pictures With Something Other Than My Phone

  1. I have copies of many lovely photos we took on your Disc Camera! Some of our very best… NOT! 😉

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