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Retro Style – A Day At The Roller Rink

When I was a girl, I used to love going skating with my friends, whether it was around my neighborhood, or at the roller rink. We lived in Orange County and went to a place called The Skate Ranch.

It was a big red barn and we would have parties there, sometimes with our whole class. I’d lamented that there wasn’t really any place like that for my kids, but lo and behold, there IS!

I present, Moonlight Rollerway…..

**Side Note I was really hoping this was the rink that was used in an episode of “The Office” but sadly, it seems like it was filmed at a place called Skateland in Northridge. Oh well…

We were a little worried it would be jam-packed, because the parking lot was overcrowded, but Gracie REALLY wanted to go, so we bought our tickets and went in.

Gracie and I have our own skates, but Maddie, Sean, and Wayne had to rent.

Sean was REALLY nervous. Wayne’s trying to help calm him down/give him a pep talk.

Gracie took off like a flash. She didn’t need our help – she just skated the whole time and had a blast. I got a little choked up watching her have such fun.

Maddie has been begging to go to the rink for days. When she finally got on the hardwood, it was a different story. The wheels were different than her own skates, the wood was different than the cement, and everything was much faster and scarier.

She did okay with Mommy or Daddy helping, though.

As for Sean, he seemed to do better with Mom than Dad. Once I got him to do some deep breathing, the moves Dad taught him along with some technique I taught him, he did fine. He held my hand the entire way, but we made our way around the rink 4 or 5 times

I’m so proud of him! For a kid who was petrified to be able to get out there and circle the rink with me 5 times and not fall – he did great!

Wayne and I even got to do one lap of “partner skate” while the kids watched. Just one lap, though. That’s okay. We could always come back for a date night – they have adults only sometimes. Ooh-la-la!

All in all, it was a super fun afternoon at the roller rink, and I’m hoping we do it again soon!




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