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There Are Worse Things To Be Addicted To

I’ve come to the realization over the years that I have a somewhat addictive personality.

You can stop laughing now. Really. It’s not THAT funny. Okay. So, I’ve been addicted to different things over the years. Or maybe obsessive is a better word.

But two things keep coming back into my life. Well, maybe three. Chocolate, coffee, and tv shows.

Chocolate – it’s delicious. It has antioxidant properties, so it’s not THAT bad for me. And it makes me happy. As long as I don’t eat too much of it, how can it be that bad, right? RIGHT?

Coffee – this is slightly more complicated. I suppose it’s more the caffeine than the coffee, but I’m not addicted to tea, and I hate soda, so it really is coffee. It’s warm, inviting; it wakes me up in the morning and picks me up in the afternoon. It’s good with CHOCOLATE and cookies and… I’ve tried to get off of the stuff before but couldn’t do it. It’s not hurting me physically, and I’m not drinking pots of it a day, so I’m okay with this addiction.

The third one is tricky. It’s not TV necessarily. It’s certain shows that I get attached to, and I blame Netflix for this as of late. The first real big one was LOST. When I was writing Vampire Knits, I would be editing or knitting, or whatnot, and have LOST up on the computer screen in the corner. Since I could watch the next episode right away, I did. I streamed episode after episode after episode. When I cleaned up the family room or my bedroom, I’d watch it on tv when the kids were asleep or at school. I went through 5 seasons in 2 months.

This time, it’s The Office. I started streaming it at the gym on my phone, and then at home, again, while knitting or blogging or working on other things.

The thing is, I get to the point where I’m ALMOST done, so I might as well just keep watching so I can JUST FINISH and not have to worry and watch and waste time anymore. I know this is stupid thinking. Like finishing off the bag of m&ms so I don’t have to eat any tomorrow. It makes no sense to other people, but it makes perfect sense to me at the time.

Also, Instant Streaming has just fueled my impatience. One of my favorite “real time” shows is “The Vampire Diaries.” I have to wait a week between each show to find out what happens next. I’m totally okay with this. “Castle,” too. However, if I was streaming these? I don’t know. Maybe it would be different. All I know is I will feel infinitely better when I’ve reached the end of the queue and can’t watch any more episodes.

So there. My addictions at present.

I’m not a smoker. I’m not a drunk. I don’t take drugs. I don’t partake in any dangerous behaviors. I’m not a shop-a-holic, I don’t own a ton of clothes or shoes. I’m not very extravagant in any way. (The new jewelry I’ve bought would hardly count.)

I have three mildly bothersome addictions. Oh, and the internet. Crap. I forgot about the internet.

That’s a whole other post, isn’t it?

Don’t forget to enter the drawing for the jewelry. Here’s the link to yesterday’s post. The contest is up until Monday morning when I’ll draw two names!!!  Tell your friends!!


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