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My Quest To Be More Stylish and Girlie – and a jewelry review

I’ve always considered myself at least somewhat feminine. I’ve never really been a “Tomboy” per se. I wasn’t very athletic – ever. I wore dresses when I was little, but when I started hanging from the monkey bars and doing tricks, I insisted to my mother that I needed to wear pants, so a) my legs wouldn’t get stuck on the metal bars and b) no one would see my underwear.

When I was in elementary school at some point, my mom started cutting my hair in pixie cuts for the summer. I’m kind of baffled by my memories of this, because by picture day each year, my hair was at least longer than my ears, so I’m assuming it was just a summer tradition. Either way, I remember being about 7 years old and wearing blue shorts and being called, “Young man” and that was IT. I did NOT want to be called a boy anymore, so I was going to grow my hair out and look like a girl.

I’ve gone through various and sundry phases in my life. Before I was Mommy, I dressed pretty cute. I wore skirts and dresses and showed off my figure. I wore earrings and had cute hair, and was semi-stylish. I may not have had a lot of money, and I may not have been “trendy” necessarily, but I had my own style, and I cared about what I looked like. I suppose this is because I wanted to look good for potential boyfriends, going out with my girlfriends, and I had a job I wanted to dress nice for.

Even after I got married, I still tried to look cute most of the time.

And then I had kids. I tried to dress okay for awhile, but I soon realized it was pointless. I ended up wearing babyfood, my food, milk, dirt, mud, grass stains, puke, poop, and various other things on my clothes. I’ve had cereal in my hair, baby food crusted on my sweaters, and walked around with stains on my pants I didn’t realize were there until my husband or another adult pointed out to me hours later. I also never wore jewelry. I was terrified the babies would tear earrings out of my ears, or pull on necklaces, so I just skipped them altogether.

It seemed pointless to wear anything other than jeans and a t-shirt, unless I had some special event to attend. At least until my kids could feed themselves. But then they went to preschool, and I started working AT the preschool. You don’t hang around 16 preschoolers with painty fingers in nice clothes. At least I don’t. So, jeans it was. And I’m fine with jeans. I’m comfortable in jeans and sneakers and t-shirts 90% of the time.

But sometimes I feel like I’d like to look more girlie. One way I’ve been doing this is adding some jewelry.

It started when Wayne bought me a necklace on our vacation. He bought it for me at a gem shop and we both loved it. I thought it was too big at first, because I wasn’t used to having something so big as jewelry. I love it now – I love the weight of it against my chest and the look of it. And, I love that it looks like a sunflower – my favorite.

A few months later, when I was looking through one of my magazines, I found a layout on Kate Bosworth who started her own jewelry website called JewelMint. The specific pieces that caught my eye were these:

Of course, what I didn’t realize at the time was the magazine I was looking at was 10 months old, so the rings weren’t available at the time I was looking. However, other jewelry was.

How it works: You sign up and join the site. You are charged $29.99 at the beginning of the month. If you don’t like any of the jewelry offered, you can skip the month between the 1st and 5th and are NOT charged. If you do like them, you are charged the fee, and then that credit goes toward any piece of jewelry. (All pieces are $29.99 except a few which are more, but they are very few and far between.)

They have a facebook group, people trade theirs for other pieces, they have specials where you can buy one get one half off, new members can get 50% off their first purchase, etc. There are all kinds of ways to save money on the jewelry.

Now, this is costume jewelry. That’s why it’s so affordable. So, don’t expect real diamonds and such. This is my warning.

These are some of the pieces I’ve gotten that I really like.

This is the Paramour Necklace and Bracelet. They’re perhaps a bit more casual than this dress, but they really worked, I thought. They’re made up of a bunch of rings, actually, hanging on the chain, and in the bracelet, linked together.

Try to ignore the unflattering angle in which this next photo is taken and just look at the earrings. They’re called “Screen Sirens” and I love them. They’re so sparkly and eye-catching. They’re way more glittery than I’d normally wear, which makes them perfect for special occasions – like Christmas, or a date.

I’m wearing 2 pieces in this photo. The earrings are called Ganesh. They’re pretty, exotic looking, and super lightweight. The necklace is called Pomander Pendant. I love it because it opens up and you can put a bit of cotton or fabric inside, sprayed with a bit of fragrance or aromatherapy, and it lasts all day.

So, it’s my little first step into being more girlie – more “dressed up” if you will, even if I’m just wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

I do have a couple of pieces I got for free that I don’t think I’ll be wearing, and I might have a drawing for them in a few days. Keep watching!! I’ll post the contest and a few days later post the winner!!


What’s YOUR style? Has it changed over the years? Does it evolve as you get older? What influences you?



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