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Family Photos, Family Resemblance

Sometimes I look at my brothers and wonder if we look like siblings. Everyone tells me my children resemble each other, and I think my brothers and I looked more alike when we were children. What do you think?

l-r: me & Terry, me & Matt, me & Jeff

I’ll take the family resemblance subject even further.

My mother has been researching our family’s history for the last few years. It’s been pretty cool learning about the history of her family and my father’s family. I’ve learned family stories, learned more about where family members have come from, and the best of all – seen photos of family members.

One thing about the photos is that we all get to see who resembles whom in the family.

My father, his siblings, and his mother.

Back row: my dad, Tony, Uncle Mick, and Granny

Front row: Aunt Stephany, Aunt Karen, Uncle Randy, and Uncle Travis

I’ve always been told I look like my Aunt Karen. I was looking at this photo with my children, and my son told me I looked like her (or rather she looked like me), and as I look at the photo, I can see a bit of what they see as well.

However, I can also see my daughter Grace in her.

L-R: Maddie, Sean, Grace

Recently, I’ve been told I resemble both my mother (center) and my maternal grandmother (on the right) in this photo from my parents’ wedding.

And I can definitely see my son Sean in my dad.

Here’s another photo of my dad as a lad:

And Sean:

You can probably see a bit of everyone of my kids on my side of the family. Here’s a photo of my brothers and I as children.

Of course, there’s also my husband’s family to think about, too. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of pictures of his family. Most of the ones we have are faded or far away, although they are labeled by his grandmother, so we know who’s who.

Here’s a photo of my husband as a lad:

Wayne's family, circa 1976. Greg is a cousin.

Baby Wayne

I think you can see a little of Wayne in the kids, too.

Family dynamics are so fascinating to me, and I love looking at family photos and trying to figure out who looks like whom. We’ve got some photos of great great grandparents that I’ll post soon – those are just wild!

What have I learned from our photos? Genes are strong. And it’s truly amazing how a child resemble a parent, a grandparent, or even an uncle or aunt. I guess there’s no denying genetics.

Do you like pouring over old photos? Who do you look like?



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  1. Genevieve,
    I love your post….and I love to look at old family photos. I think that I look like my Nana, my Dad’s mom, but through the years I think that I’ve resembled family members on both sides.
    My own daughter clearly looked like her father’s side of the family, but now often times, we are told how much we look alike… even though I’m 5’7″ and she is 6 feet tall! So interesting!
    Best wishes,

  2. Maureen Kelly Terich

    I really enjoyed your photos and can definiely see resemblences between you, your parents, aunts your children, uncles etc. I am seeing similiar “genes” in my children.and grandsons. I will try to post some photos soon. Right now I;m trying to get photos insome ordr for your Mom;s research. I hope your family had a Merry Christmas and Happy Nw Year! We hope to be in Calif approx Feb 1. Maureen Terich

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