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A December Tradition- The School Holiday Show

One of the reasons we chose the school our children attend was that the arts were integrated throughout. There are performances for each grade every year, there’s an Arts Discovery room where the kids get specialized art lessons, and then music and art is weaved in the lessons in the classrooms. What we didn’t realize at the time was the school had a big holiday show for the pre-k through third graders each year.

Each year, I get my tissues and my camera ready as I climb the stairs to the balcony to get ready to see the performance. I cry when I see my own kids sing and I cry when I see other people’s kids I don’t even know. I’m a little sad this year because my third grader, Grace, is singing her last holiday show this year, which just means she’s growing up too fast, just like her brother. It means that her sister, Maddie has two more shows before I’ll really lose it, lamenting the loss of the babyhood of all my children as they keep getting older and older despite my grumblings to the contrary.

The holiday show also marks the true beginning of the season for me. It means I need to step up the shopping, the preparation, the gift giving, the card sending – whatever I need to do for Christmas, I’d better be doing it NOW.

It also makes me nostalgic for last year’s holiday show, and the year before, and the very first year Sean was in kindergarten. Sadly, I can’t find Sean’s kindergarten photos.

Sean, First Grade

Sean, Second Grade


Gracie, kindergarten

Sean, Third Grade


Gracie, First Grade

Gracie, Second Grade

Maddie, Kindergarten

As you can tell, each year the third graders wear white, the second graders wear green, and the first graders wear red. The kindergartners wear “handsome and beautiful” clothes.

Here are the photos I took today. As usual, I loved the performance. Unusual for me, I didn’t cry. Big step for Mom. 🙂

Gracie, Third Grade

Maddie, First Grade

My lovely Grace, after her performance.

My lovely Maddie, after her performance

We have two more years of the elementary sing. I’m hoping that my girls will join the chorus or the dance group, so we can see the 4th/5th grade holiday show. It’s one of those traditions that gets me in the mood for the holidays and helps lift my Scroogey spirits.

Happy Friday, everyone!




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