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Confessions Of A Girl (Why I Am Not A Shoe Shopper)

I AM a girl. Really. I can be very feminine when I want to be. Granted, my daughters usually audibly gasp whenever I bare any leg, or wear anything they deem to be “girly,” but still, I am not a complete and utter tomboy.

There are still a few things, however, that I do think I’m missing in the girl department.

A celebrity shoe closet, unfathomable to me.

One of them is the purse gene. The other is the shoe gene.

I have always hated shopping for purses, though I have gotten a LITTLE better about it. My current purse is a military green satchel-type shoulder bag that I can toss on the ground and not worry about. My fanciest purse is a Chanel that my husband bought me for Christmas 2 years ago that I actually love, but am too afraid to use.

But shoes. Oh shoes. Shoes plague me, literally and figuratively.

I like cute shoes just as much as the next person, but some shoes I just don’t get. Like these.

It would be like walking en pointe all night, which doesn’t seem conducive to comfort, or stable ankles.

Or these, which are sort of cute, but I could never in a million years wear without breaking an ankle or getting a nosebleed.

My latest quest was for a pair of brown flat boots. Easy enough, right? Wrong!

Tuesday I went to the mall and looked at several pairs which were either not available in my size, too ugly, too cheaply made, or too expensive.

Yesterday I went to two stores, and at one place I walked around the store with 2 shoes looking like a fool while I took pictures with my toes turned in so I could get a good look at the outside of the boots.

I went home with neither, because I didn’t really LOVE either of them.

So, today I went to another mall, after looking online at DSW and Macy’s. I started at Macy’s and tried on several pairs, taking pictures of each one.

Pair One

The style of them wasn’t too bad, but they were kind of clunky and a bit too wide all the way around, especially around the ankle.

Pair Two

Pair #2 was less clunky and more sleek, but there was something about them I wasn’t crazy about. I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it was the smell. Maybe it was the way they felt around the ankle. Maybe it was the way they were so shiny….


I liked number 3 as far as I remember. I wasn’t over the moon for them. I don’t know what it was, but these boots just weren’t grabbing me.

These were the last boots I put on and the ones I ultimately took home. I still haven’t worn them outside, because I need to try them on with a few outfits, but there was something about these I loved. They were more narrow, they fit my calves and ankles better, I liked the color, and they just popped. They were different than all the other boots that looked just the same.

What do you think?


This will most likely be the last pair of boots I buy for years to come, so I better like them! Let’s hope I don’t change my mind and have to start from scratch next week!!


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  1. Oh I can relate. Somewhat. See, you’re blessed with feet and calves of a normal size so you’re able to go to the mall and try on boots until you’re exhausted. I’m limited to Zappos with their free shipping both ways to find size 11 wide calf boots, ugh. But, as I had over nine hundred dollars’ worth of boots in my bedroom earlier this month I can assure you I had to go through similar frustration, hemming, and hawing.

    Here’s hoping the pair of boots I kept (Clarks Wish Excite) last as long as my last pair of boots did! And that you end up loving the pair you got, of course!

  2. I love the boots you chose. I went boot shopping not long ago. I had to buy low/above the ankle boots for myself. Why? Because my calves are obviously too big to be fashionable. None of the tall boots I tried on would fit me. Boo šŸ˜¦ Oh well, I love my “peter pan” slouchy boots. I wear them a lot. Happy Weekend!

  3. I’m right there with Laura. Wide feet makes me a zappos whore. Nothing is more frustrating than ordering 600 worth of shoes and have NONE of them be right.

    I am a purse whore though, man, I do love my handbags.

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