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The Doc Says My Brain Is Normal – Or At Least It LOOKS Normal

So, I got the scans from my MRI last week. I don’t remember if I posted about it or not. I was pretty freaked out about it, but in the end, I was freaked out for nada. I got to lay down and close my eyes without having to do anything. No dishes, no laundry, no “Mooooooooom!!!” I almost fell asleep, honestly. How often do I get to do THAT? (not very is the answer)

If you’re just joining this blog and are confused, I’ll bring you up to speed.

Here’s my post about my ongoing headaches and something unexpected that helped.

Here’s the post about my first appointment with this doctor.

So, I had my MRI finally last week, and yesterday we went over the results. Want to see inside my brain?

So, these are scans of my head. I’d never had, nor seen, a real MRI scan before. Basically it’s slices of your brain. So the smallest one on the bottom is the top part of the head/brain, then you keep moving downward til you get to the top of the photo, where you’ll see the bottom of my head, where my bottom jaw is (you’ll see the teeth).

The creepy eyeball.

I call this one “Creepy Eyeball” for obvious reasons. How cool is it, though? It’s like a slice right through my head. I don’t know HOW they do this. It’s seriously amazing. AMAZING.

Genevieve, or Voldemort?

Here’s a cross-section, basically splitting me in half length-wise. This was just shy of center, as they didn’t get my nose. I call it my Voldemort impersonation. What do you think?

Now, this is good news, but it isn’t NEWS, really. I didn’t think they’d find anything. Mostly because if there had been a tumor in my brain, I’m pretty sure something terrible would have happened to me long, long ago.Ā  However, I also had neck x-rays taken, and that was a bit more interesting.

Here’s the first neck x-ray. It shows my neck, standing straight up. Apparently a “normal” neck looks more like this:

The doc said that the lack of curvature is from my neck muscles being so tense.

Here’s the other thing about my neck.

Here’s a normal x-ray of the same position.

As you can see with the normal photo, a) the spaces in between the front of the vertebrae are smaller and b) the neck is actually curving forward, as mine is not.

When my head is bent forward, like in the x-ray above, the C3, c4, and c5 show “anterior sublaxation” which loosely translated means that it’s like I’ve got a bit of a sprained neck. The front of my neck – the spaces between my vertabrae are too great when I flex my head forward. It has something to do with the ligaments, as far as I’ve been able to read. So, I’m going to go in for some massage therapy. If that doesn’t help, I’ll get some physical therapy to help resolve it and get it back to normal.

This has GOT to be at least PART of the cause of the headaches. My neck is overcompensating for the musculature and the tension and pain, and it’s radiating to my head and shoulders.

So, we’ll see. Let’s hope for the best!

So for now, my doc says my brain is normal. My family may not agree, but now I have indisputable proof! šŸ™‚

**Also, my doc is moving her practice to Fresno, unfortunately. I’m going to go in for some magic Botox in a few weeks before she goes. We’ll see if a dose near the base of my skull and near my temples will help with all this muscle tension. Stay tuned!


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  1. Genevieve, so glad you’re getting some answers. Now you have an excuse to relax šŸ˜‰

  2. Hi, any updates on your neck?im just getting treatment for the same condition, just wondering how has it been for you..have you taken new xrays?thanks šŸ™‚

  3. Hi Cyrian.

    No updates. I’m getting massages, but haven’t had anything else done yet. I’ve been so crazy busy. I’m currently seeing another doc for my headaches, too, so we’re trying to get a handle on those, and go from there. If the massages don’t work, I may see a physical therapist after this.

    Best of luck!

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